Cherokee Phoenix


Published October, 30, 1830

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ALL persons having business with the Clerk of the Supreme Court of this nation,are hereby notified to call on Mr. John Candy, residing in this place, as he is duly authorized to do business for me in the Clerk's office.

Stand Watie

Clerk S. Court

New Echota, October 26th, 1830


WILL be sold to the highest bidder on the 28th inst. at the Ahmohee court house,a likely negroe (sic) boy named


levied on as the property of Ambrose Harnage, to satisfy a judgement against said Harnage, in favor of William Richardson. The above property will be sold unless redeemed according to law.

J. M. Lynch


October 4th 1830.



REMAINING in the Post Office New Echota, October 1 1830

Elias Boudinott

John R. Garland

Elijah Hicks

Jefferson Lanier

George Layman

Dan'l McCoy

Benj. Paton

S. A. Worcester, P. M.