Cherokee Phoenix


Published July, 31, 1830

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On motion of Mr. David Vann, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted.

Resolved, That the authorities of the Cherokee Nation to highly approve of the measures pursued by their delegation during the last session of the Congress of the U. S.

Resolved, That the Delegation deserves the thanks of this Council and of the people of the Cherokee Nation for their integrity, perseverance and faithfulness in the cause of their injured country.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolution be presented to each of the delegates.

New Echota, C. N. 17th July, 1830.

JAS. DANIEL, Pt. pro.tem.

Jno. TIMSON, CPk., pro. tem.

Concurred GOING SNAKE,

Spkr. Council.

Jno. RIDGE, CPk.