Cherokee Phoenix


Published February, 24, 1830

Page 2 Column 2b


The N. Y. Journal of Commerce says, that one of the most distinguished members of Congress, a friend to the Administration, writes in reference to the policy recommended by the President toward the Indians, that, 'when measures are proposed which would be disgraceful to our country, I shall take care to rid myself of their adoption.' The same paper judiciously intimates that the attempt to identify the forced removal of the Indians, with the support of the Administration, may compel many who are honestly attached to it, to sever themselves from the party. A question so directly involving the honor and good faith of the nation ought not to be involved in party considerations. The fact that the Cherokees are opposed to a removal is obvious from the statement of the Editor of the Cherokee Phoenix that he has the signatures of 1009 Indians, against such removal.

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