Cherokee Phoenix


Published November, 11, 1829

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Friday, Oct. 30

It was resolved by the Committee, that it is expedient to send a delegation of five men to Washington City the ensuing winter, for the purpose of making known to the representatives of the United States, the feelings of the nation on subjects which are of vital importance. The Council agreed to the resolution.

Saturday, Oct. 31.

A Bill was adopted regulating the elections for members to the General Council, and establishing precincts in the several Districts for holding the elections.

The following resolution was passed:

Resolved by the Committee and Council in General Council convened, That the law imposing a poll tax in the citizens of this nation, also the law imposing a tax on citizen merchants, be, and the same is hereby suspended, until the General Council shall deem it expedient to remand such suspension.

Adjourned to meet 9 o'clock tomorrow.

Monday, Nov. 2.

On motion of Mr. Gunter, the House passed a resolution, appointing Friday as the day of adjournment.

On motion of Mr. Gunter, Bill was passed, making it unlawful for a husband to dispose of the property of his wife without her consent.

Tuesday, Nov. 3.

David Vann moved that the Delegation be required to refund to the nation, a part of the money expended in returning home from Washington. For the motion-1. Against the motion--14.

Petitions were presented by Pathkiller, Blythe and Moses Fields.

A resolution was received from the lower house, adding several precincts to those already established.

The Committee agreed to the grant given by the Council to Geo. Hicks, Chisholm ' Co.

Thomas Gann ' Crying Wolf laid in a petition for a road and ferry. The petition was rejected.

A resolution was adopted by the Committee, requiring the Treasurer of the nation to dispose of all the public gun-powder now on hand, or which may hereafter belong to the nation.

Bark ' Co. laid in a petition for the removal of a turnpike gate, which was rejected.

Petitions were presented by R. Thornton, Alexander Kell, A Campbell, Samuel Gunter, G. W. Gunter, Horace Brooom, Feather ' Watie, D. Hildebrand, James Speers and Jesse M'Cain.

Wednesday, No.v 4.

A communication from the Principal Chief, stating that circumstances will not allow him to go with the delegation to Washington ' recommended the Assistant Principal Chief to go in his place, was received and read.

An appropriation of One Hundred Dollars was made for the benefit of the editor of the Cherokee Phoenix.

Stephen Foreman was appointed assistant editor of the Cherokee Phoenix, to take charge under the direction of the principal editor, of the Cherokee department.

The committee made an appropriation for the pay and expenses of the delegation.

A petition was laid in by Hosea Morgan, a Catawba Indian, asking for the privilege to live in the nation.

The petition of Betsey Huffacre, praying for a Bill of divorce from her husband, Michael Huffacre, was considered and rejected.

Thursday, Nov. 5

A petition was rendered in by M. Houston, praying for the privilege of working minerals and a salt spring in the nation. The petition was rejected.

The Principal Chief nominated Messrs. William Hicks, Lewis Ross, Richard Taylor, Joseph Vann, and William S. Coodey, to accompany the Assistant Principal Chief, as a delegation to the General Government,



Thursday Oct. 29.

The house met agreeably to adjournment.

On motion of Mr. Parris, the bill for the punishment of slanders was taken up for consideration. After a considerable discussion, on motion of Mr. Reece, it was laid on the table.

The petition of Pathkiller, praying for a privilege to establish a ferry on the Tennessee River, and to cut a road from the contemplated ferry on said river, at a place called Blue Spring, and to intersect the road petitioned for by John Blythe and Moses Fields was received. A protest of Moses Fields was also received and read. The council agreed to the petition of Pathkiller, and granted the right to cut a road and establish the ferry, provided the ferry shall be located one mile and a half above the Blue Spring aforesaid:

Friday Oct. 30

A petition of Te-sah-da-skee, Ne-gah-wee and Dah-yee-skee, in behalf of a company, praying for the right of establishing a Turnpike gate, with a right of collecting toll, on the road leading from the Federal road at Coosewaytee, by Salequohye, Pine log and Thomas Petitt's to Hightower, was received read and agreed to, and submitted to the Committee for concurrence.

On motion of the Bark of Chattooga, a bill was adopted, laying a tax of fifty dollars per year on all distilleries in the nation.

A resolution from the Committee declaring, if expedient to send five men and the Principal Chief to Washington City, as a Delegation the ensuing winter, was received, read and agreed to.

Saturday Oct. 31

A petition from the Feather and Watie, for the company, praying for the privilege to establish a turnpike gate on the road leading from New Echota, by Oougillogy, to Hightower promising to abandon the ferry granted them, which has proved to be of no profit, by reason of a good ford, was received, read and agreed to.

A resolution from the Committee as amended, by the suggestion of the Principal Chief, on the subject of citizens selling their improvements to emigrants for purposes of speculation 'c. was received and agreed to.

A resolution of the Committee suspending the poll tax; and the law imposing tax on citizen merchants was received, read and agreed to.

Monday Nov. 2

A resolution from the Committee, on the subject of elections, and designating the precincts for holding the elections for members of the General Council; was taken up for consideration. After some discussion it was passed.

A resolution from the Committee, appointing Friday next as the day of adjournment was received and agreed to.

A message from the Principal Chief was received, enclosing a letter from Col. H. Montgomery, U. S. Agent, was read.

A resolution from the Committee on the subject of separate property of husband and wife was agreed to.

Tuesday, Nov. 3.

On motion of Ne-gah-wee, three precincts were added to the number designated by the Committee, for holding elections in Coosewaytee.

On motion of Oo-le-nah-wah, one precinct was added to those already established in Hightower.

A petition was presented from John R. Blythe, for the privilege of opening a road.

Bark and Company laid in a petition for the privilege of removing a turnpike.

Leave of absence was granted to the Clerk to write an important document for the General Council.

Wednesday Nov. 4

A communication from the Principal Chief, recommending the assistant Principal Chief to attend the Delegation to Washington City, was received, with a resolution from the Committee, agreeing to it.

Petitions were laid in by John and David Hildebrand, James Spears, and M'Lane.

The Council agreed to the appropriation made by the Committee of one hundred dollars for the benefit of the Editor of the Cherokee Phoenix.

Thursday Nov. 5

The resolution of the Committee, providing for the compensation of the Delegation was passed.

The resolution of the Committee appointing Stephen Foreman assistant editor of the Cherokee Phoenix was passed.

Friday Nov. 6.

A message of the Principal Chief calling a session of the Council to convene on Saturday after the adjournment of this evening was received.


Saturday, Nov. 7.

The Council met at 9 o'clock.

Jos. Vann laid in a petition, for a permission to dig for salt water, between the Tellico and Tennessee rivers.

The grant given to Geo. Hicks, Chisholm ' Co. to establish a ferry was returned by the Principal Chief with his objections. It was again passed by two thirds of both houses.