Cherokee Phoenix


Published January, 14, 1829

Page 2 Column 4b-5a


WEDNESDAY, JAN. 14, 1829.

Our readers are informed that a change of printers has taken place in our office.- Mr. JNO F. WHEELER, whose name will now in future be attached to the paper, has been appointed principal printer, for the present year.



The undersigned has been appointed principal printer for the present year. He respectfully informs the patrons of this paper, that no pains shall be spared by him, for the faithful execution of his work to the best of his abilities.



In a late number we inserted an extract of a letter from a respectable Gentleman, stating that the Sub-Agent and the United States' Interpreter were unsuccessful in their enroling [sic] expedition, and that they had not met with the first one who would agree to emigrate. The meaning of the writer was not that the Agent was entirely frustrated, but that the particular expedition mentioned was unsuccessful. We were told, a few weeks ago, upon good authority, that there were about eighty persons, men, women, and children, who had registered their names as emigrants, but quite a number of these had finally declined to go.


Those of our friends who may wish to subscribe for the CHEROKEE PHOENIX are requested to forward us their names before the commencement of our next volume.


The reader will perceive many typographical errors in the last Phoenix. Those errors were occasioned by the absence of the Editor.