Cherokee Phoenix


Published January, 7, 1829

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SENATE. December 9TH, 1828.


Prince submitted the following resolution:

Resolved, That the Secretary of War be instructed to lay before the Senate, at as early a day as possible, a detailed statement respecting the several tribes of Indians now resident within the United States and Territories, exhibiting, as nearly as he can, the number of souls, and the number of families in each; and where each tribe is at present located.

And, that he also lay before the Senate a statement describing, as exactly as may conveniently be done, the location and extent of the several tracts of Territory North of Red River, and West of the River Mississippi, West of the State of Missouri and West of the Lakes Michigan and Superior, to which the Indian title has been extinguished; with an information in possession of the Department, as to the measures now in progress for that purpose; and the probability of further extingishments of Indian titles in those regions.