Cherokee Phoenix


Published November, 5, 1828

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Wednesday, Nov. 5, 1828.


Another body of emigrating Creeks lately passed Creek Path on their way to the Western country. They are called Creeks, though we are credibly informed that there were but few full Indians, most of the party being white men, half breeds, and mullattoes [sic]. They divided into two companies at Creek Path. One company pursued their journey on land, the other went down the Tennessee River in boats.


Sometime since we copied from a Western paper an article describing a species of flies said to be very dangerous to animals. These flies have lately made their appearance in this country. We have heard of several animals that have been afflicted by these strange visitants. But only one case where a living person has been fly-blown has come to our knowledge. This person was living during last accounts. It is said whenever these flies penetrate the flesh they cannot without great exertions be extricated.


Natural Curiosity.- There is now exhibiting in this place a tooth weighing 1 1-2 lb. which was found in Turkey's Town. It appears to be the jaw tooth of some enormous animal, now extinct, probably the Mammoth.