Cherokee Phoenix

Little Rock, Ark. June 1- Fatal Recounter [sic].- The fortifying and painful duty again devolves upo

Published July, 9, 1828

Page 3 Column 3b

Little Rock, Ark. June 1- Fatal Recounter [sic].- The fortifying and painful duty again devolves upon us, of recording the fact, that our unlucky and ill fated little town (already too notorious at home and abroad for such occurrences) has unfortunately been the scene of another homicide. It took place on Saturday evening last, soon after the execution of the wretched Strickland, in the store of Messrs. Wilson and Stuart, between Gen. Edmund Hogan and Andrew Scott, Esq. late Judge of the superior court of this territory, and resulted in the almost instant death of the former. Having felt it a duty which we owe to the public, to notice the result of the unfortunate and melancholy occurrence, justice to the living perhaps demands that we should relate some of the circumstances under which it happened. They are briefly these:

Gen. Hogan and Judge Scott met at the above store, in company with a number of other persons, all apparently in good humor. They had been competitors for a seat in the Legislative Council, at the lst August election, and the conversation turned on some of the events of that canvass, which produced a few warm words between them. Gen. Hogan anserted [sic] some thing, which was denied by judge Scott, on which H. repeated the assertion, and remarked that he could prove it. Judge S. replied, in substance, that the assertion was untrue, that it could not be proved, and that the person who made it was a liar!- This reply was followed by a blow from H. which felled S. to the floor, who, in rising, drew the spear from his cane, and gave H. four stabs in the breast and sides, three of which were mortal. Hogan walked to the door, commenced vomiting blood, and was a corpse in less than ten minutes.