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Published June, 11, 1828

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Between Commissioners on the part of the United States, and the Council of the Cherokee Nation, in the year 1823.

In our late numbers we published a Correspondence with Commissioners Gray, Davidson, and Cocke. We now commence upon another, which we copy from the Journal of the Secretary of the United States Commissioners, and which was printed by order of the House of Representatives.


Newtown, 4th Oct. 1823

The commissioners on the part of the United States, commissioned to hold a treaty with the Cherokee Nation of Indians, arrived at this place, where they found the National Council in session. The board organized, but found it impracticable to proceed to business without first making some improvements for their accommodation, which they determined to do with as little delay as possible.


Monday, 6th Oct. 1823

On this day, the board were notified by the agent of the nation, that the Grand Council were disposed to receive and be introduced to the board, according to t he 'customs and ceremonial' of the nation. Whereupon, the board, accompanied by the agent, and state commissioners, attended at the Council House, and were presented to the King, Council, and Committee. The Speaker, Major Ridge, addressed the board in terms of congratulation and friendship, and was answered by one of the board, Mr. Campbell, in like terms.

The board addressed to the agent, Governor M'Minn, the following note.

Sir: we take this, the earliest convenient occasion which has offered since our arrival, to inform you, that we have proceeded hither for the purpose of submitting to the Cherokee Nation subjects of interest to the General Government.

The commissions under which [we] propose to act, and the instructions subjoined by the War Department, we deem proper to be submitted to you, having been led to expect your co-operation in all matters relating to our mission. Permit us to request, that you will designate an hour most convenient for yourself, for us to submit our commissions and instructions to your perusal.

The absence of our Secretary at present, we hope will be accepted as an apology for not furnishing you copies.

With sentiments of consideration and esteem, we are, your obedient servants.



United State Commissioners.

JOSEPH M'MINN, Esq. Agent, 'c.


The Agent's reply.


7th Oct. 1823

GENTLEMEN: Your polite note of yesterday morning is before me, and would have been answered without loss of time, had not the ceremonies of yesterday occupied public attention. I will do myself the honor to attend at my office at any time after early candle light.

With sentiments of great esteem, 'c. Your obedient servant,


Hon. D. G. Canpbell [sic] and

James Meriwether,

United States Commissioners.


Governor M'Minn to the Board, 8th October, 1823

GENTLEMEN:- I enclose you the copy of an order from the National Committee agreeable to request.

Your obedient servant,


Committee Chamber, 8th Oct. 1823

SIR: I am directed by the Committee and Council to request you to inform the United States' Commissioners, that the General Council, when convened tomorrow morning, will be in readiness to receive the Commissioners touching the objects of their mission hither under instructions from the President of the United States. It is desired that the communications should embrace fully all the instructions they may have received from the President relative thereto.

I am, sir, respectfully,


Joseph M'Minn, and ,'c.


The Board's reply to the Council, 8th October, 1823

The undersigned Commissioners on the part of the United States, have received, through the Agent, a communication by which they are notified, 'that the General Council, when convened to-morrow morning, will be in readiness to receive their (the Commissioners) communications, touching the object of their mission,' to which we reply that we will do ourselves the pleasure to appear before the General Council to-morrow morning, at 10 o;clock, for the purpose of exhibiting the commission under which we propose to commence negotiations. The want of suitable accommodations since our arrival, will place it beyond our power to submit a communication as early as suggested by the Committee and Council in their note to the Agent.

With sentiments of due consideration, we are yours, 'c. 'c.



To the National Council.


9th October, 1823

The Board attended the Council pursuant to appointment, and submitted their commission, which was read and interpreted, and they then retired.

10th October.

The Board convened and notified the Council that they would lay a communication before them to-day, at 2 o'clock.

The following is a copy of the communication:

To the Grand Council of the Cherokee Nation.

FRIENDS AND BROTHERS: By the commission which we laid before you yesterday, under the hand of your father, the President, you discover that we have authority to hold conferences with you and concerning all matters interesting to the United States and the Cherokee nation. From the powers conveyed to us, it becomes our duty to bring to your notice the Commissioners on the part of the state of Georgia. These gentlemen have accompanied us to day for the purpose of shewing [sic] their credentials. They are commissioned by the Governor of Georgia, but their business has been made known to our father, the President, and he has directed us to cooperate with them, and give them our aid. In some of the writings which have passed between us, we are sorry to discover that the business of these Commissioners is treated lightly, and but little attention given to the subject. For the sake of good understanding and justice, we ask you to listen with patience to what these Commissioners may have to say. After taking a deliberate view of all the treaties heretofore made, you will be able to make up a decision. It is better they should be closed in one way or another. As soon as this part of our joint business is settled and adjusted, the United States' Commissioners will take occasion to submit matters of interest and importance to the Government and to the nation.

We renew our wishes, that all our negotiations may be calm and friendly.



United States' Commissioners.

Ordered. That a copy of the foregoing be handed to the Georgia Commissioners, and that they be requested to attend this Board this day at 2 o'clock, for the purpose of appearing before the Council jointly.

13 October, 1823

The Board accompanied the state Commissioners to the Council House, when a talk was delivered to the Council by that Board, setting forth the grounds of the Georgia claims, as arising under the different treaties with this nation.

14th October, 1823

On this day the Council returned an answer to the communication of yesterday, and the Board were called on by the state Commissioners to cooperate with them in pursuing the negotiation, and did so in the preparation of a further address.

15th October, 1823

The Board again accompanied the Georgia Commissioners to the Council, where a talk was delivered.

16th October, 1823

The following note was received from the Council:


Oct. 16th, 1823


FRIENDS AND BROTHERS: The General Council now embrace the opportunity of informing you that their correspondence with the Commissioners on the part of Georgia, is brought to a close, and that the General Council, now convened, is ready to receive y our communications on all subjects relating to your instructions from the President of the United States.

With consideration of respect and esteem, we take you by the right hand as friends and brothers.


PATH x KILLER, Prin. Chief


MAJ. RIDGE, Speak. of the Coun.

JOHN ROSS, Pres't N. Com.

A. M'Coy, Clerk N. Com.

Elijah Hicks, Clerk N. Coun.


Copy of a note received by the Georgia Commissioners.

NEWTOWN 16th Oct. 1823.

GENTLEMEN: We have this moment received a communication from the National Council of the Cherokee nation, in answer to ours to them of yesterday's date; a copy of their communication to us of this day's date; you herewith receive. We solicit a conference with you upon this subject, as soon as it may comport with your convenience.

We remain Gentlemen, with great respect and esteem, your obedient servants.



Georgia Commissioners.


Reply to the Georgia Commissioners.

NEWTOWN, 16th Oct. 1823

GENTLEMEN: In reply to your note of this day's date, we answer that we will be prepared to have and interview with you this evening, at candle light, for the purpose of having a conference upon the subject of the communication received this day by you from the Cherokee Chiefs.

With sentiments of esteem and respect, we are your obedient servants,



To Messrs. Welborn [sic] ' Blair,

Georgia Commissioners.

[To Be Continued]