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Welcome to the 2023 version of Western Carolina University’s “The Black Fantastic.” Last year, the University Communications and Marketing team created “The Black Fantastic” to highlight excellence among a few of WCU’s Black faculty and staff members. The project went on to win three platinum awards from the Hermes Creative Awards, an international competition that is one of the oldest and largest creative competitions in the world. During Black History Month, we continue that artistic and creative look at some of the people responsible for shaping and mentoring the great minds of the future.  

William Moultrie Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success

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William Moultrie, associate vice chancellor for Student Success, carries a firm belief in never underestimating oneself. He holds true that the size of one’s problems is nothing compared to their ability to solve them. There is hard work to be done and the pressure of privilege challenges us to stay honest and engage in a more meaningful life.

Uplifted by the Oscar Wilde quote, “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken,” Moultrie said, “I’m not ashamed to share my story. In fact, I relish in doing so. Who knows who it will inspire?”

Moultrie knew he loved working with youth, yet was discouraged by the tight structure of primary, middle and secondary education. In search of finding his passion, he reflected on his journey in higher education and realized his success was directly linked to the support system that gave him access to blaze his own trail.

“The access services I received truly gave me confidence and a pathway for me to explore and feel comfortable with taking the ‘non-traditional’ route towards a career,” Moultrie said. “It’s one thing to be an expert in a chosen field, but another to have knowledge and experience with multiple avenues.”

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Those multiple avenues led Moultrie to find a home within WCU, a place where he can give back and continue to grow.

“I have an affinity for assisting students transition and matriculate through the university, whether that is through academic support and coaching with programs such as MAPS or rectifying food and housing insecurities with initiatives such as Homebase,” Moultrie said.

Moultrie looks forward to this spring where he will shepherd a group of students to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to take part in serving adults with intellectual disabilities, marrying his deep affection for international travel and affording students an opportunity to discover more about the world and themselves.

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