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Graduate Profile: Taylor Luibrand

Taylor Luibrand


Taylor Luibrand, is a business management major from Winston Salem, NC.  Taylor will begin a graduate program at East Carolina University this May, where she will study physical therapy.  After earning her master’s degree, she says she will be ready for anything, as long as it is working with people.

Taylor was drawn to WCU because of its small size and location in the mountains, but she was particularly impressed with WCU’s Writing and Learning Commons and University Participant program. She worked as a course tutor at WaLC for the past seven semesters, where she tutored "General Chemistry," "Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2," and "Kinesiology 2." “Tutoring has helped me to grow a lot in terms of working with other people, working one-on-one to help them improve,” she says. “And I think that is very relevant to my chosen career. It was a great experience.” 

Taylor also volunteers with the University Participant program, which focuses on special needs residential students. She assists them with day-to-day activities and helps them transition to their adult lifestyles and their careers after college. With UP Residential Support, she helps four first-year students during the night and supports them with their needs. “I see these students working really hard, and doing amazing in their classes,” she says. “I like seeing them do that.”

Additionally, Taylor is the recipient of the College of Business Endowed Scholarship.

She originally chose a business major because “it teaches soft skills that aren’t taught in the science classroom.” While she feels that her degree in business has prepared her for a career, her love is physical therapy. “I have been considering physical therapy since high school,” she says. Her favorite class at WCU was taught by Dr. Matthews, her anatomy and physiology teacher, and he solidified her idea of wanting to go into physical therapy—so much so that she created her own minor.

One of Taylor’s most memorable moments is from her "Biology 493, Intro to Pre-Health Careers" course that she took as a freshman. “It was for professional students who wanted to go into the health field. The class involved designing a resume, making up a timeline and really exploring your chosen career to see if that’s what you really wanted to do. I would have been lost without taking that class.”  By creating that timeline, Taylor was able to structure her time and courses at WCU, making sure she didn’t waste any time to get to her goal.

Taylor says she is thankful that her family has instilled in her a good work ethic, and grateful to her supervisors at WaLC and the UP program for their encouragement. “I love working with people and helping them improve,” she says. As for herself? “I’m taking things one step at a time” she says.

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