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A Ghost of Christmas Past

Join the School of Stage and Screen for a unique radio drama experience of "A Ghost of Christmas Past" where Fan – Scrooge’s often forgotten younger sister – takes center stage as the feminine and ethereal guide to restore balance in the unbalanced world and heart of Ebenezer Scrooge.

The radio drama was written and adapted for the stage by assistant professor Ashlee Wasmund with original music and lyrics by assistant professor Kristen Hedberg.


Production and Design Team

Director - Ashlee Wasmund

Music Director -  Kristen Hedberg

Stage Manager -Bryson Peele 

Dialect Coach - Claire Eye

Sound Designer - Zay Jarrett

Sound Editor - Matt Williams 

Recording Sound Engineer -Jim Elenteny

Scenic Designer -Terry Martin 

Co-Costume Designer - Tory Depew

Co-Costume Designer - Jasmine Herbert

Lighting Designer - Leo Lei

Asst. Stage Manager - Mickie DeRiggi 

Asst. Scenic Designer - Quinn Evans 

Asst. Music Director - Tyler Garner 

Asst. Sound Editor - Logan Strahley


Flute - Sabrina Kumar

Violin - Martha Gardner

Cello - Franklin Keel

Piano - Sarah Fowler

Percussion - David Bruce


Fan - Micah Patt

Caroler 1/Martha Cratchit/Company 6 - Breanna Smith

Caroler 2/Charity 1/Company 7 - Kirsten Beach

Caroler 3/Topper - Lyndell Finger

Caroler 4/Marley - Brennen Foerst

Scrooge - Stephen A. Gonya

Bob - Tyler Ledbetter

Charity 2/Laundress/Company 8 - Lily Gaddis

Fred - Caleb Spainhour 

Tiny Tim - Wyatt LaVoie

The Three Spirits - Lilly Davis

Ebenezer/Undertaker - Sam Rodd

Dick Wilkins/Peter Cratchit/Company 5 - Will Evans

Fezziwig/Old Joe - Colin Wasmund

Mrs. Fezziwig/Ms. Dilber - Abigail Brazier

Belle - Georgia Reichard

Belinda Cratchit/Company 4 - Lexi Yauch

Mrs. Cratchit/Company 1 - HK Wall

Clara - Rachel Sabo Hedges                 

Emily/Company 2 - Payton Miller

Young Lad/Company 3 - Max Mortar

Caroler 5 - Tyler Garner

School of Stage and Screen Faculty

Production Manager - Chris Flinchum

Director, School of Stage and Screen - Claire Eye 

Administrative Associate - Magen Hinson

Special Thanks

We would like to thank Jill Jacobs, the WCU’s School of Music and the Commercial Music & Audio Production program and Adam Groh in particular, Sarah Norris and New Light Theater Project, Jasmine Hodgson, George Brown, Brenda Lily, Colin Wasmund and Fiona Wasmund, Erin McManus, and the Friends of the Arts.

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