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Online Master's Degree Program in Construction Management Builds a Career

A few years ago, Joseph Love, now a construction coordinator for Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, looked at Western Carolina University and its master's degree program in construction management as the curriculum he wanted and the career building block he needed.

Joseph Love


"Looking at the program description, it stood out not only as a construction program, but it was heavy on business administration, as well," said Love. "I felt like the program had been designed specifically for someone in my situation. I wanted to build on my undergraduate studies and stand out as a knowledgeable and dedicated professional when I entered the job market."

Love was (and is) a husband and father. He also was (and is) an out-of-state resident.

"We had a toddler then, and my wife was in a graduate program in Mississippi," he said. "Construction management is a somewhat esoteric study, so a campus option was not available where we lived."

There were other factors to weigh. The economy was just beginning to pick up and there were job offers and other opportunities, but he felt it was more economically sound to continue his education.

WCU's master's degree program in construction management is completely online.

He enrolled. The Kimmel School of Construction Management offers both undergraduate and graduate programs that provide a broad-based knowledge of the construction industry, which requires lots of business and management know-how to be successful.

"WCU made it possible with remote learning," he said. "The instructors were from all over the world and I was introduced to concepts, methods and areas of study that were totally new. I felt I had a pretty comprehensive undergraduate experience in construction management, but the WCU master's program went deeper and broader than I expected. Professors were available for guidance outside of the course and the internal staff were incredibly helpful with financial aid and enrollment details."

As well it should have. The program was set up for working professionals wanting to advance careers, keep pace with advancing technology and trends in commercial and industrial construction, large-scale residential development and land management. The coursework carries the flexibility to complete the 30-semester hour requirements at an individual pace, which is ideal while maintaining a career and various work schedules.

"In lieu of job experience, many companies fill needs with graduates who can get up to speed quickly," Love said. "The industry still hasn’t caught up with demand. Even during the pandemic, our construction projects continue."

Program Overview

Location: 100% Online

App Deadline: Jan. 1, May 1, Aug. 1

Pre-Requisites: GRE NOT required

Time to Complete: 30 hours, 24 months

Ranked #1 by Best College Reviews

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