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The Shutdown Summed Up


Today, January 17, marks the 26th day of the federal government’s partial shutdown. This past weekend, the shutdown became the longest in history when it went into its 22nd day, surpassing the 21-day previous record set in 1995.

In our role as an institution of higher education, we consider this sort of moment in history a learning opportunity for our students, as well as our larger community.

Why is this happening? What will it take for it to come to an end? What kind of impact does it have on our country and on us as individuals? We asked faculty experts here at WCU to tackle these questions and more in this short video.

We hope to make more of these topical videos as news happens, and we invite you to tell us what you’d like to hear about. Is there a trending topic that has left you with lots of questions? Fill out the form below and we’ll find on-campus experts to give us the answers.

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