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Going Viral

A Historic Pandemic Brings Disruption, Inspiration

The cover of the fall 2020 edition of the Western Carolina University Magazine provides a small portrait of the many ways the COVID-19 global pandemic has affected our faculty, staff and students.

While in-front of the camera, we asked "how has COVID-19 and the civil unrest affected you and your community?" Which elicited the moments you see captured here.

Inside this issue of the WCU Magazine, we take a look at how our Catamount community displayed innovation, creativeness and a willingness to support Western North Carolina during a time of great adversity.

The cover of the fall 2020 WCU magazine with photographs of indiviudals wearing masks
Channan De Silva
Channan De Silva
Jill Jacobs
Taquice Davis
Dean Paulk
Aliyah Swimmer
Margarita Lopez
Donnavan Spencer

Portraits above are of Channa De Silva, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Physics, senior Hannah Price, a Natural Resource Management major with a focus in Forestry, Jill Jacobs, Marketing Manager of Bardo Arts Center, Tacquice Davis, Associate Director of Intercultural Affairs, Dean Paulk, Assistant Director of Intercultural Affairs, Aaliyah Swimmer a senior English, professional writing major with a minor in Cherokee studies, junior Social Work major Margarita Lopez, senior Donnavan Spencer, is a criminal justice major.

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