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Graduate Profiles: Adam Gregory

Adam Gregory


Adam Gregory is received in mathematics from the College of Arts and Sciences.  Entering as a freshman at WCU, Adam did not plan to study mathematics, yet today he graduates one of the department’s most outstanding students.

During the last three years, Adam participated in two National Science Foundation-funded summer programs, one at the University of Texas in Tyler during the summer of 2017, and another at Rochester Institute of Technology during the summer of 2018. He credits WCU faculty with much of his success.

In my experience, the faculty at WCU in all departments are passionate about what they do and working with students. But the Mathematics and Computer Science Department was always making me aware of every opportunity that came available to undergraduates, and then sincerely encouraged me to go beyond my coursework.”

Adam has demonstrated not only strong abilities within his discipline, but an unrivaled work ethic as well. He has submitted five research papers for publication, and given more than ten conference presentations.

The academic environment [at WCU] has been a great atmosphere for me to grow.”

Adam Gregory


Adam participated in the international codebreaking competition "Kryptos," achieving outstanding results: his team placed third in 2018 and fourth in 2019. He also received recognition as “Master Codebreaker” with the Turing Level of Achievement. At the Mathematical Association of America-Southeastern Section (MAA-SE) Conference just last month, he was a member of the WCU team that won the "Math Jeopardy Competition," and he received the Outstanding Student Presentation award.

And he’s not stopping there!  Next year, Adam will be transitioning to the University of Florida as a doctoral candidate. “I am very excited to start my graduate program and remain in academia, which is a path I doubt I would have discovered without attending WCU,” he said.

Adam was also a recipient of the Curtis and Enid Meltzer Endowed Scholarship which assisted in financing his undergraduate educational pursuits.

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