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WCU to revamp advising model July 1

By Julia Duvall

advising center


Western Carolina University will be revamping its advising model beginning July 1.

Students who are pursuing majors supported by WCU’s Advising Center will have an increased connection with professional advisers under the new advising model. Once a certain number of credits are reached, those students will transition to a faculty adviser within their program of study. 

“This will better synergize and centralize advising practices,” said William Moultrie, associate vice chancellor for student success. “This will allow for more transparency across campus and reduce the cracks students could potentially fall into.”

When students enter WCU, they will work with an adviser from the Advising Center until they reach 45 credits. From credits 46-60, they will primarily work with their faculty adviser, with the Advising Center available as a secondary source. Once the student reaches 61 credits, they will work solely with their faculty adviser until graduation.

“The focus will be on directing students to their areas of study,” Moultrie said. “There of course will be bumps in the road when anything new is implemented, but we are excited to revamp the advising model and help students navigate this process in a more streamlined way.”

For more information about the new advising model, contact WCU’s Advising Center at

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