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WCU Police take 'no shave' challenge over winter break for campus fundraiser

Members of the WCU Police Department present members of the Staff Senate money raised through a no shave fundraiser. Seen here are (from left) Lt. Jacob Deal, Chief Steve Lillard, Alison Krauss, Lynley Hardie, Alison Joseph, Master Office Jeff Brookshire, Lt. Jerry Adams and Sgt. James Moralez.

The Western Carolina University Police Department held its own version of a “no shave” campaign during the university’s winter break as a fundraiser for the Staff Senate Scholarship Fund.

Participating officers raised $280 and Mike Byers, WCU’s vice chancellor of administration and finance, matched that amount for a total of $560.

As a year-round law enforcement agency, the WCU Police Department has uniform and appearance codes for members of the force, with limitations on male facial hair. The funds were raised by a simple $20 donation per officer, with female officers given the option to not wear their hair pinned-up. Some officers donated more and one officer got his father to join in, with an additional donation.

“The winter break was an opportunity to momentarily modify our grooming practices for a good cause,” said Chief Steve Lillard. “There were still standards in effect, but during a time with more limited public engagement we could be a bit more relaxed. And it proved a good team-building activity.”

The Staff Senate Scholarship Fund was created in 2007 to promote higher education and help relatives of staff members attend WCU.

“It was a fun thing to do and much appreciated,” said Alison Joseph, chair of the Staff Senate. “The contributions the officers raised will go to our endowed fund that supports scholarships annually for children, dependents, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of WCU staff members.”

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