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‘Inside WCU’ to debut with customized faculty/staff news in January

Today’s issue of “The Reporter” is the final one in name only, so don’t get too sentimental in thinking Western Carolina University will no longer have a faculty/staff newsletter.

When employees return to work in January, an email soon will be delivered welcoming them to “Inside WCU,” WCU’s new format for its employees to receive information. Not only will “Inside WCU” include news that faculty and staff need to see, but it will contain features, videos and photo stories about employees, students, alumni and athletics, as well as keep you informed about upcoming events. And the best part is you can choose what information you want included in your email, bypassing the things you are not interested in seeing.

Inside the welcome email, employees will be directed on how to personalize their email, choosing only the categories of information they are interested in, which can be changed at any time. In addition, they can choose whether they want to receive the email daily or weekly, along with what day of the week and time of day they would like it to be delivered. Finally, employees can choose one of three different layouts of how they would like their newsletter to look. Delivery of “Inside WCU” will begin soon after receiving your welcome email.

If employees choose not to personalize their email, default delivery times and categories will be selected. There also will be a link to an archive page that features all of the content that is provided.

The goal is for faculty and staff members to stay informed about what’s going on at WCU, while also allowing them to read about things that interest them.


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