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Research Administration announces grants for faculty, staff projects

The following is a compilation of grants awarded at Western Carolina University during June 2019. The list is presented in unedited form, courtesy of WCU’s Office of Research Administration.

Title: Collaborative Planning

PI: Mark Stoffan

Funder: North Carolina Library Services and Technology Act

Amount: $49,020

Description: to increase access to and use of rare and unique items documenting the Southern Appalachian mountain region, in partnership with the University of North Carolina at Asheville

Title: Community Crisis Respite Program and Training to Schools

PI: Nathan Roth

Funder: Hights/North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Amount: $5,515

Description: to assess the impact of the community crisis respite program by measuring youth behaviors, functioning, pathways

Title: DLA (Defense Logistics Agency)

PI: Sandra Dennison

Funder: North Carolina Small Business and Technology Development Center

Amount: $18,914

Description: to carry out Procurement Technical Assistance Center activities

Title: Documentary Synthesis of Trail of Tears Resources for the Tennessee Valley Region

PI: Brett Riggs

Funder: Tennessee Valley Authority

Amount: $24,999

Description: to provide TVA with an integrated management tool to identify probable and documented locations of sensitive Trail of Tears related resources with the TVA domain

Title: Evaluation of Working Smarter and Harder: Advising and Registration for Timely Graduation

PI: Angela Dills

Funder: University of North Carolina System Office

Amount: $86,831

Description: to assess how investments in software affect students’ credit hours attempted and earned, retention and academic success

Title: Math Pathways at Western Carolina University

PI: Jeffrey Lawson

Funder: University of North Carolina System Office

Amount: $100,000

Description: to restructure the traditional algebra to precalculus sequence, promote four distinct math pathways, and collect baseline data for future research

Title: NewTech Network Comparative Analysis

PI: Brandi Hinnant-Crawford

Funder: NewTech Network

Amount: $10,163

Description: to examine academic outcomes in El Paso, Texas, schools (expansion of a previous study)

Title: North Carolina Network of Math Teachers' Circles

PI: Sloan Despeaux

Funder: American Institute of Mathematics

Amount: $3,000

Description: to provide summer math immersion sessions to all network circles statewide

Title: Roads to Learning and Earning: Preparing Personnel to Improve Post-School Outcomes for Students with Significant Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

PI: David Westling

Funder: US Department of Education

Amount: $250,000

Description: to continue to improve adult outcomes for persons with IDD in post-secondary education, community living, and community employment through the professional preparation of special education teachers and related services providers

Title: Talent Search

PI: Todd Murdock

Funder: US Department of Education

Amount: $411,105

Description: to assist 770 disadvantaged students in seven target schools by creating access to post secondary educational programs

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