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Police lobby, parking lot are now internet sales exchange sites

The Western Carolina University Police Department has designated its lobby and visitor parking lot as safe internet exchange sites for anyone buying and selling items online that lead to a person-to-person meeting or transaction.

Steve Lillard

With numerous and increasingly popular mobile apps and websites used for private sales and trades, there have been numerous instances of unsuspecting people being lured to locations where they were robbed and in some cases even kidnapped, raped or murdered, said WCU Police Chief Steve Lillard.

The WCU designated areas are well-lit and under constant video surveillance. The proximity to law enforcement officers is another deterrent to criminal activity.

“Our goal is to provide a more secure location as an added measure to the other precautions that should be taken,” Lillard said. “Safety is a community partnership, and we want to help people avoid a ‘robbery by appointment’ situation.”

Lillard advised anyone looking to buy or sell items through the internet via Letgo, Craigslist, Facebook Market or other sites to always be aware, let others know where and when the exchange will take place, to possibly have someone accompany them and to use designated safe exchange sites, such as the one offered by WCU.

For more information, contact WCU police at 828-227-7301.

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