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WCU Stories

Grants for WCU projects announced by Research Administration

The following is a compilation of grants awarded at Western Carolina University during August 2018. The list is presented in unedited form, courtesy of WCU’s Office of Research Administration.

Title: Clinical Site Development Grant

PI: Anthony Roberson

Funder: Mountain Area Health Education Center

Amount: $10,000

Description: to develop new clinical learning experiences at the Catamount School and to support the site and a school nurse/faculty position until a permanent position is secured.

Title: Decline in Pacific madrone: Accessing health and future persistence using established common garden sentinel plantings

PI: Laura DeWald

Funder: US Department of Agriculture

Amount: $34,474

Description: Range wide common garden/sentinel tests of madrone will indicate severity and cause of madrone health problems and identify resistant/resilient sources in order to manage health problems in forests containing this species now and in future climates.

Title: Hidden sediment sources: Locating and studying road-draining gullies using a geospatial model and field measurements

PI: John Gannon

Funder: NCSU Water Resources Research Institute

Amount: $54,047

Description:  to identify common site characteristics leading to the formation of road-draining gullies and to determine how features like these expand the active channel network during precipitation events.

Title: North Carolina 811 – Job Safety Analysis

PI: Ahmed Al-Bayati

Funder: North Carolina 811

Amount: $3,458

Description: to provide a practical list of the possible root causes that lead to underground damage during excavations.

Title: Predator diversity, pest regulation, and invasion resistance: Exploring the relationship between aquatic consumer diversity and Aedes japonicas invasion along a latitudinal gradient (Georgia to Georgian Bay).

PI: Brian Byrd

Funder: Virginia Commonwealth University

Amount: $16,372

Description: to investigate the multi-dimensional effects of predator prey interactions and test the functional effects of changes in predator diversity using well-characterized rock pools in 3 rivers in NC, SC, and GA.

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