University Police Reports 02/23/07

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Date: 02/23/07
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02/22 22:50 Officer responded to complaint regarding use of a stolen credit card
02/22 08:15 Officer issued UJC for Underage drinking and damage to a fire alarm system
02/22 15:25 Officer filed report regarding students keys and Cat Card stolen from Mckee around
02/22 Officers issued verbal warnings to two students for speed limit violations
02/22 23:47 Officer filed report regarding a student getting harrassing text messages
02/23 00:45 Officer received complaint regarding stolen property/items from the University Center
02/23 01:54 Officer issued a citation for failure to stop at a stop sign and for driving while operator
                             license was revoked.
02/23 03:21 Officer issued a state citation to a student for under age possession of a malt beverage
02/23 03:40 Officer Issued a student a state citation for consumption of malt beverage while under the
                             age of 21
02/23 0340 Officer issued a citation for a speed limit violation
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