University Police Reports 11/20/06

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Date: 11/20/06
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2110 06-05358 Unauthorized Residence Harrill Hall Report

     Residential Living reported an unauthorized person living in a room
in Harrill with another student. Officers responded to assist and the
male has now moved elsewhere.


2220 06-05359 Alcohol Violations Albright

     Officers issued four students UJC's for underage alcohol
possession, one student was arrested for Resisting a Public Officer and
underage possession of alcohol and two non-students were banned from
campus after being involved in an incident with the RA's in Albright


2300 06-05361 Larceny Buchanan Report

     A student reports clothing items taken from her room in Buchanan on
the 17th of November.




0010 06-05363 Vandalism Central Hall Report

     Officers are investigating a report of vandalism consisting of
graffiti and harassment that occurred in Central Hall.


0238 06-05366 Vandalism Albright Arrest

     Officers investigating a broken window at Albright arrested a
student for disorderly conduct related to the investigation.


0349 06-05367 Assist EMS Scott Report

      Officers assisted EMS with a routine sick call in Scott Hall. The
student was transport to Harris Regional Hospital by EMS20.


0437 06-05369 Fire Alarm Leatherwood Report

     Officers investigating a fire alarm found a pull station had been
activated in Leatherwood Hall and Facilities Management was notified.


0744 06-05370 Alarm Coulter Report

     Officers received a report of some type of alarm in the Coulter
Building. It had stopped before officers arrived.


1435 06-05373 Burglar Alarm UC Report

     Officers received a report of a burglar alarm in the UC but
everything was secure.


1712 06-05375 & 06-05376 Burglar Alarm UC Report

     Officers responding to the ATM alarm in the UC found it was
accidentally activated by a repairman working on the system. The alarm
was activated twice during the repairs.


2042 06-05379 Assault/Resist Officer Albright Arrest

     Officers near Albright who were investigating several suspicious
persons were involved in a foot chase thru the woods that resulted in
one student being arrest for Assault on an Officer and Resist/Obstruct/
Delay. Both the Officer and suspect were checked by EMS.


2204 06-05381 Drug Violation Walker Referral

     A student received a UJC for possession of drug paraphernalia in
Walker Hall.




0016 06-05383 Mutual Aid Ledbetter Road Report

     Officers assisted SHP and others with a fatal car accident
involving a student on Ledbetter Road.


0150 06-05384 Distraught Student/Vandalism Albright Report

     Officers assisted a distraught student assuring all assistance
available. Also reported was vandalism in Albright Hall.


1200 06-05392 Credit Card Fraud WCU Albright

     Officers are investigating the fraudulent use of a student's credit


1330 06-05391 Larceny Scott Report

     Officers are investigating the theft of a computer and IPod from a
room in Scott that occurred between11/17/06 and 11/19/06.


1630 06-05393 Larceny Walker Report

     Officers are investigating the larceny of a camera from a student's
room in Walker Hall that occurred between 11/17/06 and 11/18/06.




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