University Police Reports 11/13/06

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Date: 11/13/06
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0856 06-05209 Suspicious Person Hunter Report

     Officers are investigated a male being seen inside a closed secure
section of Hunter Library after its closing hours. The subject was not


1035 06-05210 Larceny UC Report

     Officers investigating the larceny of a visitor's purse found it
had been turned in as found property. Nothing was missing.


1205 06-05211 Assault Central Drive Report

     Officers are investigating a male student being assaulted 11/09/06
at approximately midnight by two white males while walking on Central
Drive near the Bird Alumni House.


2202 06-05221 Alcohol Violation Harrill Referral x 6

     Six students inside a student's room in Harrill Hall received UJC's
for possession / consuming alcohol and two non-students received




0135 06-05226 Alcohol Violation Helder Referral x 3

     Officers responding to a disturbance at Helder issued three
students UJC's for underage consumption of alcohol.


0249 06-05229 Assault Walker A Report

     A student was transported by EMS from Soctt Hall to Harris Regional
Hospital as the result of an assault/fight that occurred earlier in the
Walker A parking area. The suspects was not located but described as a
dark skin white male or Hispanic with tattoos on his arms.


0525 06-05233 Fire Alarm Albright/Benton Report

     Officers responding to a fire alarm at Albright Benton found it was
caused by a pull station being activated on 1st floor.


1521 06-05236 Code of Conduct Fieldhouse/Tailgating Report

     A student received a UJC for urinating in public at the tailgating
area at the Appalachian / WCU football game.


1528 06-05237 Alcohol/Disturbance Catamount Road Ban

     An intoxicated disruptive non-student at the Appalachian / WCU
football game was banned from campus.


1657 06-05240 Fire Alarm Belk Report

     Officers responding to a fire alarm found where someone had somehow
gained entry inside the Belk Building after closing hours and sprayed a
fire extinguisher causing the fire alarm to activate.


1735 06-05241 Vandalism/Larceny Reid Commuter lot Report

      A student reports her vehicle's window broken and items taken from
inside while her car was parked in the Reid commuter parking area.


2240 06-05245 Drug Violation Walker Referral

     A student received a UJC Referral for possession of marijuana at
Walker Hall.




0900 06-05257 DWI Central Drive Arrest

     A student was arrested for DWI following a traffic stop for
speeding on Central Drive.


1900 06-05259 Cat Card Fraud Fieldhouse Report

     8 cat cards were seized when they were used in an attempt to gain
entry into the football game by persons who were not the owner of the


1110 06-05260 Larceny Albright Report

     A non-student staying the night in Albright was intoxicated and
found his wallet missing when he awoke after sleeping in a hall


0400 06-05262 Assault Scott Report

     Two female students report an altercation happened on 11/11/06 in
front of Scott between a male and the two girls that resulted in the
male pushing them both and one girl getting a bruised knee.


1428 06-05264 Fire Alarm Belk Report

     Cullowhee Fire Department and officers responding to a fire alarm
activation at the Belk Building found it was accidentally caused by
staff cleaning.


1537 06-05266 Larceny Walker A Report

     A non-student visitor reported her purse and contents taken from
inside a vehicle while it was parked in the Walker A Lot.


1640 06-05269 Larceny Leatherwood Report

     A student reported his jacket was taken from a dryer in the laundry
room of Leatherwood Hall.


2131 06-05275 Distraught Student Leatherwood Report

     Officers met with a distraught student assuring all assistance
available was offered.


2253 06-05276 Alcohol/Drug Violations Benton Arrest &

     A student in Benton Hall receiving a state citation for drug
paraphernalia also received a UJC for possession of marijuana,
paraphernalia and underage possession of alcohol.




0028 06-05277 Larceny Buchanan lot Report

     A student reported items taken from his vehicle while it was parked
in the Buchanan parking lot.




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