University Police Reports 11/10/06

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Date: 11/10/06
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0130 06-05191 Vandalism Village Report

     Officers are investigating Vandalism to the decorations outside the
800 building in the Village.


0745 06-05189 Assist Deputy/SHP State Road 1002 Report

     Officers assisted SHP/Deputies with an apparent traffic accident
behind Central Hall on SR 1002.


1611 06-05190 Traffic Accident Scott Hall Report

    Officers investigated a minor traffic accident involving parking in
the back parking lot of Scott Hall.


0700 06-05192 Vandalism Upper Helder Lot Report

     Officers are investigating a student's vehicle's mirror being
broken while it was parked in the Upper Helder parking area.


1645 06-05197 Larceny/Lost Campus Report

     A student reports her wallet was either lost or stolen while she
was on campus Thursday.


1900 06-05198 Vandalism Village Report

     Officers received a report that the lock on the door of the 1800
House in the Village was not working and it's believed it has been
tampered with.




0018 06-05206 Drug Violation Scott Hall Referral

     A student received a UJC Referral for a drug violation involving
marijuana at Scott Hall.


0300 06-05250 Alcohol & Resist Officer Scott Arrest x1 &
Referral x2

     EMS responded to an intoxicated injured female student at Scott
Hall but she refused treatment. The combative student was arrested and
charged with Intoxicated and Disruptive in Public, Underage Consumption
of Alcohol and Resisting an Officer plus she received a UJC for underage
consumption of alcohol. The student was transported to Harris Regional
Hospital by officers for a medical evaluation before transportation to
the Jackson County Jail. Her female friend at the scene also received a
UJC for underage consumption of alcohol.




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