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Date: 11/09/06
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1115 06-05160 & 06-05163 Vandalism Center Campus Arrest


Two students' were arrested following the investigations of several
vandalisms to vehicles that had occurred on campus. The cases involved
were: # 06-05084, 06-05087 & 06-05088.


0700 06-05168 Larceny Moore Report

     Officers are investigating the theft of computer components from an
office in Moore.


1540 06-05169 Domestic Reynolds Report

     Officers responding to a domestic dispute at Reynolds found the
male non-student had already left campus. A ban from campus is
forthcoming when contact is made.


1615 06-05170 Vandalism Village Report

     Residential Living reported vandalism damage to a door handle at
the 800 Building of the Village.


2055 06-05177 Vandalism Lower Helder Report

     Officers are investigating vandalism of a student's vehicle
involving the windshield being broken while it was parked in the lower
Helder parking lot.


2138 06-05178 Fire Alarm Harrill Arrest & Referral

     The Cullowhee Fire Department and Officers responding to a fire
alarm activation at Harrill Hall found where a fire extinguisher had
been discharged. One male student was arrested plus received a UJC
referral for discharging the fire extinguisher and willfully setting off
a false fire alarm.




0330 06-05185 Traffic Violation HWY 107 Citation &

     A student received a state citation for fail to stop at a red light
at HWY 107 and the entrance to campus.


0335 06-05186 Larceny Central Report

     Officers are investigating the theft of a Cat Tran bus stop sign
from the circle at Central Drive Hall.


0723 06-05188 Fire Trouble Stillwell Report

     The Police Department was advised of a fire trouble at the
Stillwell building and Facilities Management was notified.




Officer Tammy Ammons-Hagberg

Crime Prevention Coordinator

WCUPD 828-227-7301



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