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Date: 10/27/06
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1555 06-04751 Harassment University Center Report

     Officers took a report in reference to communicating threats.




1100 06-04774 Harassing Phone Calls Campus Report

     Officers initiated an operations report involving Harassing phone


1135 06-04768 Domestic Walker Report

     Officers initiated an operations report involving a domestic.


1200 06-04769 Larceny Dodson/Helder Report

     A student reports larceny from his vehicle while it was parked at
the Dodson/Helder parking area.


1328 06-04770 Shrubbery Fire Forsyth Report

     Officers put out a small fire in the shrubbery in front of Forsyth.


1300 06-04772 Traffic Accident Joyner Plaza Report

     Officers investigated a hit & run accident at Joyner Plaza.


1350 06-04773 Traffic Accident Upper UC Lot Report

     Officers investigated a traffic accident involving minor damage in
the upper UC lot.


1451 06-04764 Vandalism Scott Report

     Officers investigated vandalism at Scott.


1650 06-04753 Skateboarders Centennial Drive Referral

     Students received UJC Referrals regarding skateboarding on
Centennial Drive.


1747 06-04779 Larceny Ramsey Report

     Officers investigated a credit card fraud at Ramsey.





0125 06-04788 Traffic Violation Centennial Drive

     A non Student was issued a state citation for driving on Centennial
Drive with no operator's license.


0202 06-04790 Suspicious Person Reynolds Hall Report

     Officers investigated a report of a suspicious person at Reynolds
Hall but the subject was not located.


0229 06-04791 Mutual Aid County Report

     Officers assisted Jackson County Deputies with a possible fight at
Catamount Peeks.


0310 06-04793 Alcohol Violation Harrill Referral

     A student at Harrill Hall was issued a UJC for underage alcohol


0320 06-04794 Alcohol Violation Scott Referral

     A student at Scott Hall received a UJC for underage alcohol


1254 06-04798 Trouble Alarm Leatherwood Report

     The police department received a report of a trouble alarm at
Leatherwood Hall and Facilities Management was notified.


1450 06-04801 Alcohol Violation Fieldhouse Lot Citation

     A student received a state citation for possess / consume alcohol
after prohibited at the football game.


1904 06-04803 Assist SHP Catamount Gap Report

     Officers assisted with traffic at a traffic accident on HWY 107 at
Catamount Gap.


2355 06-04808 Traffic Violation University Way Citation

     A student received a state citation for fail to stop at a red





0025 06-04810 Fight University Center Report

     Officers intervened during two incidents at the Stompfest after
party at Illusions in the UC. The party was ordered closed and the
attendee's left the area.


0057 06-04811 Larceny Scott Report

     A student reported items missing from her room after her roommate
moved out.


0208 06-04815 Suspicious Person Benton Report

     Officers responding to a suspicious person call at Benton located
an intoxicated male non-student. The male was over 21 and transported
to the Jackson County Detention Center for an alcohol assist until


0316 06-04825 Traffic Violation Helder Banned

     A non-student driving suspiciously was banned from campus.


0338 06-04816 Alcohol Violation Central Drive Citation

     A student received a state citation for driving after consuming
alcohol while under the age of 21.


1430 06-04819 Larceny Albright/Benton Lot Report

     A student reports the theft of a purse from a parked vehicle in the
Albright Benton Lot.


1620 06-04820 Vandalism Benton / Harrill Lot Report

     A student reports their vehicle's radio antenna had been damaged
while it was parked in the Benton/Harrill lot.





2350 06-04822 Drug Violations Norton Referral x 5 &
Citations x 2

     5 students received UJC referrals for Drug violations and two of
the 5 also receive state citations for possession of marijuana and


1509 06-04833 Traffic Accident Scott Report

     Officers investigated a minor two car accident at Scott Hall.


1535 06-04835 Service of Summons Scott Hall Summons

     Officers assisted Deputies in serving a student with a criminal
summons for assault another student.


1700 06-04836 Larceny Central Hall Report

    A student reports the theft of a poster from a shared suite area in
Central Hall.





0240 06-04844 Suspicious Odor Benton Hall Report

     Officers investigated a report of suspicious odor in Benton Hall
but no drugs were located.


0900 06-04847 Suspicious Person Scott Hall Banned

     A non-student was banned from campus following a report he was
living on campus with a student.


1520 06-04850 Larceny Albright Report

     Officers investigated property being taken from a student's room.


1525 06-04851 Harassment Reynolds Report

     A female student reports harassment by a male student who lives on
the same hall.


1636 06-04853 Traffic Accident Dodson Report

     Officers investigated a minor traffic accident at Dodson Cafeteria.


1710 06-04855 Larceny of a Motor Vehicle Water Tower Lot

     A student reported his vehicle missing after he parked it in the
Water Tower Lot. The vehicle was entered into NCIC and surrounding
departments notified.


1600 06-04856 Larceny Walker Report

     A student reported money missing and possibly taken from her room.
Investigation continues.


2204 06-04861 Alcohol Violation & DWI Central/Centennial
Drive Arrest x 2

     One student was arrested for DWI /driving after consuming while
under 21 and his passenger (also a student) was arrested for underage
possession of malt beverage and having an open container of alcohol in
the passenger area of a vehicle.


0125 06-04862 Alcohol Violation Central/Centennial Drive
Referral x 2

     During the above DWI traffic stop two other students were also
issued UJC's for underage possession and open containers.




0620 06-04863 Littering Scott Citation x1 and UJC x1

     One student received a state citation for littering and another
received a UJC referral for littering.


1500 06-04864 Vandalism Fieldhouse Lot Report

     A student reports damage to his vehicle's tires (3 cut) while it
was parked in the Fieldhouse Lot on 10/17/06.



0932 06-04865 Welfare Check Norton Report

     Officers assisted by locating a student for a concerned parent who
was not able to make contact.


1330 06-04865 Assist Deputy Campus Report

    Officers assisted by attempting to locate a student that had been
reported missing in Rutherford County. The student was not located on

1625 06-04870 Harassment Scott Report

     A female student reports harassment by unwanted attention from a
male student. No charges were wanted, but officers warned the male to
cease the unwanted behavior or charges may follow.



0007 06-04873 Traffic Violation Central Citation

     A student received a state citation for fail to stop for a flashing
red light on Central Drive.


1045 06-04877 Damage & Larceny of auto parts Coulter

     Officers are investigating the larceny of the ignition switch and
damage a golf cart that was parked at the Coulter Lot.


1125 06-04878 Traffic Accident Water Plant Report

     Officers investigated a two vehicle accident involving two state
owned vehicles.


1159 06-04879 Domestic Campus Report

     Officers assisted female regarding options available involving
domestic disputes.


2254 06-04884 Drug Violation Albright Report

     Officers investigated reported drug violations at Albright Hall.


2318 06-04885 Drug Violation Albright Hall Report

     Officers investigated another reported drug violation at Albright




1745 06-04890 Fire Trouble Leatherwood Report

     The police received a report of a fire trouble at Leatherwood and
notified Facilities Management.


2304 06-04896 Alcohol Violation Scott Banned x 3

     Following a traffic stop of a suspicious vehicle for driving the
wrong way on a one was street, three non-students were banned and
required to pour out the alcohol they were bringing to campus.





1004 06-04904 Fire Alarm NCCAT Report

     The Cullowhee Fire Department and WCU Officers responded to a fire
alarm activation at NCCAT. No fire was located.




2028 06-04909 Fictitious Tag Baseball Lot Tow

     Officers confiscated a factious tag from a vehicle in the baseball
lot and towed the vehicle.


2330 06-04920 Traffic Violation Baseball Lot Citation

     A student received a state citation for reckless driving at the
Baseball Lot.


1052 06-04923 Distraught Student Campus Report

     Officers assisted a distraught male student by assuring he received
all available assistance.



2100 06-04931 Possession of Fireworks Albright Referral

     A student received a UJC for possession of fireworks at Albright







1615 06-04927 Fraud Albright/Benton Report

     Officers are investigating fraud to a student paypal account.


1800 06-04928 Vandalism Reynolds Report

     A student reported graffiti on her door in Reynolds Hall.


2034 06-04931 Firecrackers Albright Referral

     A student received a UJC referral for possession of firecrackers on





0008 06-04935 Suspicious Odor Walker Report

     Following a suspicious odor report officers gave a student a
warning regarding possession of drugs in the dorm room.


1300 06-04936 Drug Violation Harrill Arrest

     Officers charged a student with drug violations and paraphernalia
at Harrill Hall.


0930 06-04938 Larceny Village Report

     Officers took a report of a stolen WCU parking hang tag.


1052 06-04923 Distraught Student Norton Report

     Officers assisted with a distraught student at Norton.



1415 06-04940 Larceny Ramsey Report

      A student reported cash money missing from her locker at the
Ramsey Center.


1558 06-04941 Assist Deputy Ramsey Building Report

     Officers assisted a deputy with the service of a Domestic Violence
Order of Protection.


2140 06-04945 Traffic Violation Catamount Road Citation

     A student received a state citation for speeding 43 in a 20 mph
zone on Catamount Road.


2037 06-04946 Fire Alarm UC Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm activation at the UC and
canceled the fire department's response when no smoke or fire was


2115 06-04947 Threats Harrill Report

     A student was contacted regarding possible threats to the student
but they refused to speak with the officer.


2330 06-04950 Drug Violation Scott Arrest

     Officers charged a student with drug violations at Scott Hall.





0420 06-04951 Fire Alarm Norton Report

     The police department received a fire trouble alarm and Facilities
Management was notified


12:45 06-04955 Larceny Killian Parking Area Report

     A student reported her parking decal stolen from her vehicle.


21:30 06-04959 Harassment Buchanan Report

            Officers investigated a report of harassment to a student by
a non-student.


23:00 06-04961 Larceny Reid Gym Report

            A student reported his cat card had been stolen.





01:00 06-04963 Assist EMS Walker Referral

            Officers assisted EMS with a student after a report of
possible alcohol poising.


0943 06-04810 R/O/D and Officer Campus Arrest

     A student was arrested for resist / delay and obstruct and officer
following the investigation of the fight at the UC on 10/16/06 during
the Stompfest after-party.


1125 06-04968 Violation Court Order Reid Gym Arrest

     A student was arrested at Reid Gym for violation of a Domestic
Violence Protective Order that was issued by the courts (case 06-04479).


0800 06-04970 Vandalism Helder Report

     A student reports damage to her vehicle while it was parked in the
upper Helder Lot.


1850 06-04974 Vandalism Scott Report

     A student reports damage to her vehicle while it was parked in
front of Scott.




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