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Date: 09/28/06
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1005 06-04384 Larceny Reynolds Report

     A student reports her wallet and contents stolen Saturday while she
was at Enka with the band. A report was filed with Enka and also with
WCUPD because the cat card was taken.


1005 06-04389 Traffic Accident Memorial Drive Report

     A campus CatTran bus and another vehicle traveling in the opposite
direction on Memorial Drive had their mirror's hit together while


1556 06-04394 Fire Alarm Hoey Report

     The fire department was paged but canceled regarding a fire alarm
at Hoey Auditorium which was activated by someone using a saw.


2057 06-04400 Harassment Campus Report

     Officers investigated a student receiving harassment and unwanted
electronic contact by a male alumnus.


1330 06-04403 Assault Scott Hall Report

     Officers are investigating and did assist a female student in
obtaining a warrant for a non-student acquaintance following a reported
aggravated assault that occurred in Scott Hall.




0320 06-04408 Traffic Violation Centennial Drive

     A student received a state citation for speeding 48 in a 20 mph
zone on Centennial Drive.


0659 06-04412 Traffic Violation Centennial Drive

     A student was issued a state citation for speeding 48 in a 20 mph
zone on Centennial Drive.


0745 06-04413 Vandalism UC Mail Room Report

     Employees report several mailboxes have been vandalized at the
Student Post Office in the UC.


1155 06-04417 Arson/attempt Scott Report

     Officers are investigating a report of someone trying to set fire
to a roll of toilet paper inside the West wing 8th floor women's


0945 06-04418 Traffic Accident Methodist Church Lot

     Officers investigated a student's vehicle being hit while parked in
the Methodist Church Lot.


1105 06-04419 Dispute McKee Circle Report

     Officers responded to the McKee Circle regarding a disturbance
between a faculty member and construction workers over moving a vehicle
for construction.


1515 06-04422 Traffic Accident Wachovia Report

     Officers investigated a two car accident involving backing that
occurred in the parking lot at the rear of Wachovia.


1715 06-04423 Disturbance Camp Lab Annex Referral

     A student was referred to Judicial Affairs following an outburst at
the Police Department because his vehicle had been wheel locked.


1700 06-04424 Vandalism Walker/Scott Report

     A student reports her vehicle had been keyed while parked in the
lot behind Walker and Scott Halls.


2100 06-04425 Vandalism Upper Harrill Lot Report

     A student reports his vehicle had been keyed while parked in the
Upper Harrill Lot.


2135 06-04430 Traffic Violations Scott Hall Citations x4

     Two students and two non-students were issued state citations for
parking in the fire lane at Scott.


2248 06-04431 Traffic Violation Village Citation

     A student received a state citation for parking in the fire lane at
the Village.




0927 06-04440 Fire Alarm Leatherwood Hall Report

     The Cullowhee Fire Department was paged to fire alarm activation at
Leatherwood Hall. No problem was located.


1015 06-04444 Assist Deputies Scott Arrest

     Officers assisted Jackson County Deputies with the service of an
off campus assault warrant and arrest of a student.


1110 06-04445 Traffic Accident Circle Drive Report

     Officers investigated a minor two car accident involving one
vehicle rolling into another vehicle on Circle Drive.


1335 06-04448 Traffic Accident Central Report

     Officers investigated a minor two car accident at the Central
parking area.


1420 06-04449 Fire Alarm Stillwell Report

     The fire department was paged but canceled when the fire alarm at
Stillwell was activated by contractors who were working in the building.


1440 06-04469 Phone Solicitation Norton Report

     A student received a phone call identifying themselves as Student
Funding Services and assumed it was regarding financial aid from WCU, it
was not. It was from out of state, from Largo Fla. All students are
urged not to give any information over the phone to anyone if the
student did not initiate the call.


1525 06-04451 Missing Vehicle Baptist Student Center

     A student reporting their vehicle stolen from the Baptist Student
Center found it had been towed for illegally parking.


1800 06-04452 Harassment Scott Report

     Officers investigated harassment to a student by a non-student
using phone and electronic communications.


1903 06-04454 Criminal Damage to Property Scott Report

     Officers investigating a fire in a trash can at Scott arrested a
female student for Criminal Damage to Property.


2137 06-04460 Drug Violation Central Hall Report

     Officers responding to a drug violation found the incident to be
only tobacco. No action taken.


2230 06-04461 Traffic Accident Camp Annex Report

     A minor traffic accident involving no damage was reported when a
state vehicle bumped a student's vehicle.


2235 06-04463 Safety Violation Old Student Union Report

     Officers extinguished an unattended candle that was found burning
inside an office.


2358 06-04466 Drug Violation Benton Hall Referrals x 5

     Officers investigating a suspicious odor issued UJC's to five
students involving marijuana use.



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