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Date: 09/05/06
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0245 06-03854 DWI HFR Lot Arrest

     A student was arrested for DWI after officers observed him driving
erratically on Norton Road.


0310 06-03855 Disturbance Scott Hall Report

     Officers responded to the report of a disturbance in Scott Hall
that involved a student knocking on a door for an excessive amount of
time. Officers escorted the male student from the building without


0815 06-03858 Fire Alarm Village Report

     Officers responding to a fire alarm at the Village found it was
caused by cooking.


1135 06-03862 Traffic Accident University Way Report

      Officers investigated a traffic accident where one vehicle backed
into another vehicle on University way.


1545 06-03872 Lost Property Campus Report

      A student reported loosing her wallet somewhere on campus.




0143 06-03880 Fight/Loud Party Catamount Peaks Report

      Officers assisted Deputies with a reported loud party and possible
fight at Catamount Peeks.


0300 06-03882 DWI Central Hall Arrest

     A student was arrested for DWI, driving left of center, and
consuming alcohol while under 21 after officers observed him drive a
vehicle on Central Drive.


0655 06-03883 Alcohol Violation Benton Referral

     Officers assisted EMS with a male student who was transported by
EMS to Harris Regional Hospital. The student will be receiving a UJC for
underage consumption of alcohol.


1510 06-03885 Traffic Accident Campus Report

      After a student reported a hit and run accident (06-03805- on
8/29/06) he found a second place his vehicle had been hit at a different
time and request officers to investigate. The date, time or location of
this second hit and run accident is not known.


2350 06-03892 Alcohol Violation Scott Hall Report

      Officers issued a UJC to a female student for underage possession
of alcohol in Scott Hall.



0331 06-03895 Traffic Violation Central Drive Citation

     Officers issued a state citation to a non-student for speeding 40
in a 20 mph zone on Central Drive.


1954 06-03900 Elevator Malfunction Walker Report

     Officers assisted a student to exit a stuck elevator in Walker




0320 06-03905 Sexual Assault Scott Report

     Officers are investigating a possible sexual assault reported at
Scott Hall.


1220 06-03914 Traffic Accident Centennial Drive Citations

     During the investigation of a two car accident on Centennial Drive
officers issued one driver (a student) a state citation for an unsafe
movement and the second driver (also a student) a state citation of
driving while his license are revoked.


1406 06-03915 Fire Alarm Helder Hall Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm at Helder Hall. No problem was


1503 06-03917 Fire Alarm Helder Hall Report

     Officers responding to a fire alarm at Helder Hall believe it to be
caused by a mechanical malfunction and Facilities Management was


1853 06-03922 Traffic Accident North Leatherwood Lot

     Officers investigated a hit and run involving a student's vehicle
being hit while parked in the North Leatherwood lot.


2113 06-03929 Fire Alarm Walker Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm at Walker Hall believe it may
have been caused by a storm. No problem was located.



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