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Date: 07/28/06
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0113 06-03372 Assist EMS Walker Hall Report

     Officers assisted EMS at Walker Hall with a sick call involving a
student with general illness. The student was transported to Harris
Regional Hospital for evaluation.


1120 06-03368 Alcohol Violation Walker Hall Referrals

     Officers investigating possible drug activity issued two students
UJC Referrals for underage possession of alcohol and one of the students
also received a UJC for being uncooperative.


2240 06-03371 Elevator Malfunction Walker Hall Report

     An elevator was reported stuck in Walker Hall with two students
inside. Officers assisted the students exit to safety without incident.




0306 06-03373 Fire Alarm/Vandalism Walker Hall Report

     Officers responding to a fire alarm activation at Walker Hall found
it was caused by fire extinguishers being discharged on the 8th floor
and 7th floors. The exit signs throughout the hallway on 7th floor had
been pulled from the ceiling. The Cullowhee Fire Department assisted in
clearing the power from the building. Investigation continues.



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