University Police Reports 7/27/06

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Date: 07/27/06
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1140 06-03360 Disruptive Conduct Memorial Drive Referral

     A student received a disruptive conduct UJC Referral after his
vehicle was wheel locked for improper parking.


1212 06-03361 Fire Alarm Stillwell Report

     Officers responding to a fire alarm at Stillwell found it was
caused by a power failure.


1735 06-03365 Harassment Forrest Hills Report

      Officers are investigating a staff member receiving harassment on
Forrest Hills Drive while walking. The offenders were two white males
(late teens or early 20's) in a white Jeep Wrangler who drove by yelling
obscenities and throwing a drink bottle towards her.



0050 06-03363 Larceny Walker Report

     Officers received a larceny report of a missing ID and Keys from
Walker Hall.


0200 06-03364 Traffic Violation Centennial Drive

     A non-student's vehicle was towed and officers issued a state
citation for displaying factious tag.



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