University Police Reports 7/13/06

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Date: 07/14/06
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0937 06-03248 Assist EMS Natural Science Report

     Officers assisted WestCare EMS involving a sick student at the
Natural Science Building. The student was transported to Harris
Regional Hospital.


1300 06-03252 Assist Sylva PD Campus Report

     Officers assisted Sylva PD with an ongoing investigation.


2045 06-03254 Drug/Alcohol Violations Central Hall

     Officers responding to a fire trouble alarm found the problem in
the commons area of a Suite in Central Hall. Officers located marijuana
smoke, 4 students, marijuana & paraphernalia, open containers of alcohol
with all the students under the age of 21. All 4 students received UJC



Officer Tammy Ammons-Hagberg

Crime Prevention Coordinator

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