University Police Reports 6/6/06 - 6/8/06

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Date: 06/08/06
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0245 06-02919 DWI Forrest Hills Road Arrest

     A female who is registered to be a student in the Fall Semester was
arrested for DWI after officers observed her driving on Forrest Hills


1420 06-02922 Traffic Violation Forrest Hills Road

     Officers issued a student a state citation for driving at a speed
of 44 in a 20 MPH zone on Forrest Hills Road.





0210 06-02929 Traffic Violation Memorial Drive Citation

     Officers observed a female student driving on Memorial Drive and
issued a state citation for Driving While License are revoked.


1239 06-02934 Harassment off Campus Report

     Officers assisted a female student in obtaining a Domestic Violence
Order regarding an incident that happened off campus with her
ex-boyfriend, who is also a student. She also was referred to the
Jackson County Sheriffs office for investigation of the incident.


2145 06-02936 Traffic Violations Centennial Citation

      Officers observed a non-student driving on Centennial Drive and
issued state citations for no drivers' license, no insurance on the
vehicle, displaying a fictitious registration plate and not registering
a title within 28 days after obtaining the vehicle.


2236 06-02691-1 Drug Violation Creek Lot additional Arrest

     Following an initial arrest of a non-student on 5/7/06 in the Creek
lot for drugs violations, officers today (6/6/06) obtained and served an
additional warrant for possession of cocaine.


2334 06-02938 Emergency Call Box Activation Print Shop

     Officers checked the area of the Print Shop when the Emergency Call
Box was activated due to low battery. No problem was found and
Facilities Management was notified regarding maintenance.



1525 06-02940 Fire Alarm Reynolds Hall Report

     Officers responded to a reported fire alarm at Reynolds Hall.
Facilities management handled the alarm.



0116 06-02943 Fire Alarm NCCAT Report

     Officers responded to a reported fire alarm at NCCAT but no problem
was located.


1001 06-02944 Fire Alarm Belk Report

     An officer responded to a fire alarm at the Belk Building but upon
arrival found it was activated by Facilities Management who was testing
the system.



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