University Police Reports 5/5/-6 - 5/22/06

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Date: 05/22/06
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1318 06-02666 Distraught Student Campus Report

     Officers assisted with a report of a distraught student making sure
all necessary needs were available.


1430 06-02665 Traffic Accident Helder Lot Report

     Officers investigated a two car accident involving backing in the
Helder Lot.


1600 06-02688 missing cell phone Campus Report

     Officers received a report that a cell phone was lost or stolen
somewhere on campus on 5/5/06.


1630 06-02694 Larceny Reid Report

     After a workout at Reid an employee noticed his wallet missing.
The wallet was found and turned in at Reid but the money was missing.


2015 06-02670 Larceny Albright Report

     A student reported his dorm style refrigerator missing after he
left it in the bathroom for several hours to defrost.


2030 06-02669 Larceny Coulter Report

     Officers received another report of a stolen band instrument
(trumpet) that supposedly happened sometime over spring break. The
trumpet was taken from the Coulter band locker area. Investigation



1244 06-02678 Fire Alarm Trouble Albright/Benton Report

      Officers received a report of a Fire Trouble Alarm at
Albright/Benton Residence Hall. Facilities Management was notified
regarding the trouble.



0135 06-02683 Assist LEA SR 1002 Report

     Officers assisted the Jackson County Sheriffs Department at a Large
Party off state road 1002 at a Fraternity House.


1355 06-02686 Security Violation Dodson Report

     Officers responding to assist an employee with a door at Dodson
found the building unsecured.


2236 06-02691 Drug Violations Creek Lot Arrest

     One male (non-student) and one female (non-student) were arrested
in the Creek Lot for possession of schedule II drug, possession of
Marijuana, possession of paraphernalia and underage possession of malt



No reports.



1448 06-02707 Fire Alarm NCCAT Report

     Officers received a report of a fire alarm at NCCAT but found it
was Facilities Management working on the system.



1048 06-02713 Disorderly Student Natural Science

     Officers issued a UJC Referral to a student for Rude & Verbal Abuse
toward the University Police and Traffic Office staff following the
student's vehicle being wheel locked in a faculty lot.


1400 06-02719 Larceny of State Property Reynolds Report

     Officers received a report that the "Honors College" sign was
missing and believe it was taken during move out day.



0245 06-02718 Suspicious Person Killian Report

     Officers investigated a suspicious person at Killian finding it to
be a non student needing transportation off campus to his residence.


1016 06-02721 Fire Alarm FPA Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm signal at the Fine & Performing
Arts Building; No problem was located.



1222 06-02726 Fire Alarm Killian Annex Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm at the Killian Annex. The alarm
would not silence or reset and Facilities Management was notified.


1800 06-02727 Missing cell phone Ramsey Report

     Officers received a report of a lost or stolen cell phone after the
graduation at the Ramsey Center.



2215 06-02734 Vandalism Ramsey Report

     Officers are investigating vandalism to a window at the Ramsey



No reports.



2054 06-02740 Fire Alarm Trouble Labor Force Building

     Officers responded to a fire trouble alarm at the Labor Force
Building (KIMMEL SCHOOL). No problem was found.


1015 06-02746 Traffic Accident Brown Driveway Report

     Officers investigated a traffic accident involving the trailer of a
delivery truck accidentally hitting a parked car causing minor damage.



0745 06-02644 Credit Card Fraud Campus Arrest

     A female student was arrested for obtaining property by false
pretense and financial card fraud following an investigation involving a
lost/stolen credit card report they received on 5/4/06.


1715 06-02754 Traffic Accident Natural Science Parking

     Officers are investigating a hit & run accident that happened in
the Natural Science Faculty Parking Lot.


1739 06-02756 Fire Alarm Guest House Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm at the Guest House. No problem
was found and Facilities Management was notified.



0402 06-02758 Traffic Violation Centennial Drive Citation

     Officers issued a non-student a citation for fail to stop at a
flashing red light on Centennial Drive.



0825 06-02770 Fire Alarm NCCAT Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm activation at NCCAT that was due
to a power outage on that side of campus.


1156 06-02775 Fire Alarm Village Report

     Officers responding to a fire alarm at the Village found no problem
but that it was a test of the alarm system.


1514 06-02776 Fire Alarm Village Report

     Officers responding to a fire alarm at the Village found it was
only a test of the alarm system.



0112 06-02779 Fire Alarm NCCAT Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm at NCCAT. No problem was
located and the alarm was silenced.


0913 06-02781 Fire Alarm Trouble Warehouse Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm trouble at the Warehouse. The
alarm would not reset and Facilities management was notified.



0710 06-02791 Vandalism Village Report

     Officers located where a large concrete trashcan outside the
Commons Building had been turned over; Facilities Management was


0710 06-02792 Vandalism Print Shop Report

     Officers located where a parking sign had been removed and was
lying on the ground outside the Print Shop; Facilities Management was
notified to replace the sign.


2059 06-02794 Fire Alarm Trouble Leatherwood Report

     Officers responded to a fire trouble at Leatherwood Hall. The
problem is believed to a malfunction of a fire head and Facilities
Management was notified.




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