University Police Reports 4/27/06

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Date: 04/27/06
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0900 06-02531 Larceny Albright Report

     Officers are investigating the theft of a bicycle from Albright.


1450 06-02532 B&E&L Benton Report

     Officers investigated a student's room being entered by another
(known) student and warrants were obtained.


1946 06-02543 Harassment Buchanan Banned

     A male student was banned from Buchanan after a report of
harassment to a female student was received.


1955 06-02544 Traffic Accident Centennial Drive Report

     Officers investigated a minor 2 car traffic accident involving one
driver changing lanes and one driver failing to yield in the Traffic
Circle at HFR.


2156 06-02545 Alcohol Violation Walker Referral

     Officers issued a female student at Walker a UJC for underage
consumption and failing to produce an ID to a Residential Living staff




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