University Police Reports 4/24/06

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Date: 04/24/06
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0630 06-02449 Burglar Alarm Hunter Report

     Officers assisted when a housekeeper accidentally activated the
burglar alarm at Hunter.



0258 06-02455 Fire Lane Violation Walker Report

     A student's vehicle was towed from the fire lane at Walker.


1046 06-02457 Fire Alarm Belk Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm at Belk Building; No problem was


1320 06-02458 Driving Violation Helder Referral

     A student received a UJC Referral for driving intentionally on the
wet grass.


2105 06-02460 Assist LEA Park Place Report

     Officers assisted the Jackson Sheriffs Department when a fight was
reported at Park Place. No problems were located and no action taken.




0009 06-02462 Fight UC Report

     Officers are investigating a fight at the UC that happened as an
event in the Grand Room was finishing. Officers are attempting to
locate a suspect for questioning.


0110 06-02463 Fire Trouble Buchanan Report

     Officers responded to a reported fire trouble at Buchanan Hall and
Facilities Management was notified.


0134 06-02475 Burglar Alarm ATM/UC Report

     Officers responded to a Burglar Alarm involving the ATM int the UC.
The ATM seemed ok with no problem.


0304 06-02465 Assist LEA Summit Report

     Officers assisted the Jackson Sheriffs Department when a fight was
reported at the Summit. Nothing unusual was found and no action was


0356 06-02466 Assist LEA Summit Report

     Officers assisted Jackson County Sheriffs and EMS with a medical
call involving an ill student.



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