University Police Reports 4/20/06

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Date: 04/20/06
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1050 Traffic Accident Leatherwood Parking Lot Report

     Officers investigated a two vehicle accident involving backing in
the Leatherwood Parking Lot.




0940 Emergency Call box Hunter Report

     Officers received an emergency call box activation from Hunter
Library that was storm related.


0948 Fire Alarm Helder Hall Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm at Helder Hall. The alarm was
believed to be storm related.


1615 Traffic Violation Centennial Drive Citation

     A student received a citation for exceeding a safe speed under
existing conditions while driving on Centennial Drive.


1928 Traffic Violation Hwy 107 Citation

     Officers issued a citation for an expired registration plate to the
driver of a vehicle on Hwy 107 near Centennial Drive.


2225 Welfare Check Harrill Hall Report

     Officers conducted welfare on a student at the request of a parent.


2247 Traffic Accident Walker lot Report

     Officers investigated a two car auto accident involving backing.



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