University Police Report 4/7/06 - 4/10/06

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Date: 04/10/06
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1100 06-02275 Larceny of Bicycle Norton Hall Report

     Officers are investigating the theft of a bicycle from Norton Hall.




0038 06-02291 Alcohol Violations Albright/Benton

     Two students received UJC Referrals for underage alcohol violations
while they were outside in the area behind Albright/Benton.


0118 06-02292 Simple Assault Village Referral

      When officers received a report of a simple assault at the Village
they found several Fraternity members had been involved in an apparent
affray and issued all 3 students UJC referrals for the affray.


0155 06-02295 Fire Alarm Outreach Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm but found no problem.
Facilities Management was notified.


1700 06-02300 Fire Alarm Central Hall Report

     Officers responded to a trouble alarm at Central Hall. The alarm
did not reset and Facilities Management was notified.


1807 06-02302 Traffic Accident Central Drive Report

     Officers investigated a minor 2 vehicle traffic accident that
occurred on Central Drive.


2337 06-02305 Fire Alarm Norton Hall Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm at Norton Hall. No problem was
found and the alarm reset.




0142 06-02306 Fire Alarm Outreach Annex Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm communication failure at the
Outreach. No problem was found.


0526 06-02308 Molestation of a Fire Extinguisher Central Hall

     Officers are investigating a fire extinguisher being discharged in
the stairwell of the "A" building at Central Hall.


0625 06-02311 Assist EMS/SHP Catamount Gap Report

     Officers assisted on highway 107 at Catamount Gap with a wreck
involving a student.


1100 06-02312 Vandalism Central Hall parking Report

     Officers are investing damage to a student's vehicle while it was
parked in the Central Hall parking area.


1440 06-02313 Larceny from Vehicle Fieldhouse Lot Report

     Officers are investigating damage to a vehicle and larceny from a
non-student's vehicle that was parked in the Fieldhouse Lot.



0139 06-02318 Fire Alarm Outreach Report

     Officers responded to a communication failure at the Outreach
Center. No problem was found.




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