University Police Reports 3/31 - 4/3/2006

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Date: 04/03/06
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1938 06-02162 Cyber Threats Scott Report

     Officers investigated a report regarding cyber threats towards a
student by a non-student.




1400 06-02140 Traffic Accident HFR Traffic Circle Report

     Officers investigated a minor two vehicle accident that occurred in
the traffic circle at HFR.


1615 06-02141 Traffic Violation Albright Citation

     A student received a citation for illegally parking in a handicap
parking space at Albright Hall.


1822 06-02143 Fire Alarm FPAC Report

     No problem was located when officers responded to check a fire
alarm that was reported at the Fine and Performing Arts Building.


1840 06-02144 Accident Coulter Report

     Officers assisted after receiving a report that a piece of metal
had accidentally fallen and hit a non-student in the Coulter building.
EMS checked the person and no medical attention was necessary.


1930 06-02146 Fire Alarm Central Report

     Facilities Management responded when the Fire Alarm would not reset
for the officers at Central Hall.




0037 06-02147 WCUPD Parking Area Arrest/Referral

     Officers responded to a disruption near a vehicle in the parking
area of the Police Department. They found a male student outside a
vehicle yelling at a female student inside the vehicle. The responding
officers were assaulted by the male who was arrested for Assault on a
Police Officer and Disorderly Conduct.


0401 06-02150 Norton Hall Report

     Officers responded regarding a report of a male student and a
female student involved in a verbal dispute in the Norton Parking Lot.
Both students told officers they had settled their differences before
the officers arrived.


0743 06-02152 Fire Alarm Ramsey Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm at the Ramsey Center. No problem
was found.


1832 06-02161 Traffic Accident HFR Report

     Officers are investigating a hit and run accident that resulted in
property damage that occurred sometime Friday night / Saturday morning
in the HFR parking lot.


2045 06-02163 Damage to State Property Ramsey Report

     Officers located where a large glass window pane was broken on the
east side of the Ramsey Center. At this time it is undetermined if foul
play is involved.


2244 06-02164 Fire Alarm Albright/Benton Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm at Albright Benton. A pull
station was found maliciously activated.



0145 06-02174 Traffic Violation Norton Road Citation

     A non-student received a citation for failing to stop at a stop
sign on Norton Road.


0345 06-02168 Traffic Accident/DWI Village Arrest

     A student was arrested for DWI after officers were called to the
scene of a traffic accident at the village.


0406 06-02170 Alcohol Violations Norton Hall

     Officers who were assisting Residential living staff issued three
students citations and UJC Referrals regarding Consuming alcohol under
the age of 21. During the same incident a non-student also received a
citation for underage consumption of alcohol.


0830 06-02175 Alcohol Violation Leatherwood Referral

     A student received a UJC Referral for underage consumption of
alcohol in Leatherwood Hall.


1630 06-02182 Horseplay UC Food Court Report

     Following a complaint Officers located and spoke with several
students regarding horseplay in the UC Food Court.


1844 06-02184 Larceny from auto Brown Report

     Officers are investigating the theft of a CB radio from a students
locked vehicle while it was parked behind Brown Cafeteria.


2252 06-02188 Traffic Violation Forrest Hills Road

     A student received a citation for speeding 46 in a 20 mph zone on
Forrest Hills Road.



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