University Police Reports 3/24 - 3/27

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Date: 03/27/06
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0900 06-02045 Larceny from Vehicle Buchanan Report

     A student reported a camera was taken from her locked vehicle while
it was parked in the Buchanan Parking Lot.



0400 06-02028 Larceny of Bicycle Scott Hall Report

     Officers are investigating the theft of a bicycle from the Scott
bike rack.


1320 06-02006 Assist EMS McKee Report

     Officers assisted EMS when a student had had fallen on the sidewalk
/ parking lot area of McKee and injured her ankle.


1600 06-02010 Assist LEO Campus Report

     Officers assisted Sylva PD by locating a vehicle on campus that was
driven by a student. This vehicle had just been involved in a gas
drive-off in Sylva.


1930 06-02014 Assist LEO Campus Report

     Officers assisted Jackson County Sheriffs Department with the
service of a civil paper to a student.




0830 06-02021 Drug Violation Albright Hall Referral

     A student received a UJC Referral for possession of marijuana and
drug paraphernalia.


1350 06-02020 Disorderly Conduct Central Hall Report

     Officers responded to Central Hall regarding disorderly conduct and
were advised one student had communicated threats towards another
student before leaving the area. Guidance was given on the process of
obtaining a communicating threats warrants/summons.


1415 06-02027 Stalking Campus Report

     Officers investigated a report of a student who kept seeing another
student on campus and feels threatened and possibly stalked. Officers
spoke to both parties involved.


2310 06-02018 Alcohol & Drug Violations Albright

     Officers assisting EMS observed illegal contraband and it resulted
in two students receiving UJC referrals. One received a UJC referral
for underage consumption of alcohol, possession of marijuana and
possession of drug paraphernalia. A second student received a UJC
referral for possession of marijuana; possession of pyrotechnics;
underage possession of alcohol and drug paraphernalia.


2355 06-02036 Traffic Violation Central Drive Citation

     A student received a citation for speeding 40 in a 20 mph zone on
Central Drive.




0012 06-02038 Reckless Endangerment Norton Hall Referral

     Officers are investigating an incident that may have involved
possible reckless endangerment and false imprisonment involving a non
student. Two students received UJC's but No criminal charges have been
filed at this time.




0006 06-02051 Fire Alarm Norton Hall Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm at Norton Hall; no problem


0953 06-02058 Domestic Faculty Apartments Report

     Officers responded to a domestic at Faculty Apartments.


1634 06-02067 Brush Fire Harrill Hall Report

     Officers responded to a fire in the pine needles and bushes outside
Harrill Hall that seems to have been caused by a cigarette.


2230 06-02070 Larceny Coulter Report

     A students' unsecured french horn was stolen from the band's locker
area of Coulter.


2237 06-02069 Fire Alarm Norton Hall Report

     When officers responded to a fire alarm at Norton Hall and found it
had been activated by steam from a shower.



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