University Police Reports 3/22/06

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Date: 03/22/06
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1020 06-01958 Traffic Accident off Campus Report

     Officers assisted with traffic until Highway Patrol and the Fire
Department arrived at a one car wreck (no injury / non-student) that
occurred on HWY 107 just off campus in the Catamount Gap.


1545 06-01961 Traffic Accident Leatherwood Report

     Officers are investigating a hit & run accident where a truck was
observed backing into another vehicle and leaving the scene.


1630 06-01964 Fraud / Scam Village/Wachovia Report

     Officers are investigating a student responding to an email,
following directions and loosing money in a money order scam.


1845 06-01967 Traffic Accident Central Drive Report

     Officers investigated a two car accident involving backing.


2206 06-01974 Fire Alarm Guest House Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm at the Guest House. The
originating problem was not located.



Officer Tammy Ammons-Hagberg

Crime Prevention Coordinator

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