University Police Reports 3/16 - 3/20/06

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Date: 03/20/06
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0900 06-01863 Larceny Stillwell Report

     A contractor reported some of their equipment missing from the
construction site at Stillwell.


0909 06-01858 Fail to Appear Benton Arrest

     A student was arrested for Fail to Appear in court regarding an
earlier operating a vehicle with no insurance charge.


1210 06-01864 Distraught Student Belk Report

     Officers assisted a distraught student regarding a possible
restraining order violation. No indication of intentional violation was


2120 06-01871 Traffic Violation Norton Road Citation

     A WCU student received a citation for speeding 36 in a 20 mph zone
on Norton Road.


2146 06-01873 Drug / Alcohol Violation Harrill Hall

     A student received a UJC Referral for underage possess of Alcohol
and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.



0110 06-01875 R/O/D an Officer & Traffic Violation Harrill
Hall Arrest/Citation

     A student was arrested for Resist, Obstruct & Delay of an officer
following a traffic stop and being issued a citation for speeding 46 mph
in a 20 mph zone.


0600 06-01879 Larceny UC Report

     A black banner with "WCU welcomes you to open house" printed on it
was taken from the entrance outside the third floor of the UC.


1800 06-01912 Traffic Violation Traffic Circle Report

     Officers investigated a report of reckless driving involving one
vehicle almost hit another while changing lanes at the traffic circle.


2211 06-01894 Assist EMS UC Report

     Officers assisted EMS regarding a student employee who was having
chest pains. The student was transported to Harris Regional Hospital.


2241 06-01896 Traffic Accident off Campus Report

     Officers assisted at a traffic accident just off campus at East
LaPorte. No students were involved.


2259 06-01897 Alcohol Violation Albright Referral

     Two students received UJC referrals for underage possession and
consumption of alcohol.




0012 06-01901 Secure Gate Football Field Report

     Officers assisted by securing a broken gate. Facilities Management
was notified regarding the need for repair.


0558 06-01905 Intoxicated Person Reservoir Ridge Road

     Officers located an intoxicated non-student lying on the edge of
the parking area at the Presbyterian Church Lot. EMS checked the person
to determine if medical care was needed then officers transported him to
his residence just off campus.


1630 06-01911 Traffic Accident Walker A lot Report

     Officers investigated a hit & run that resulted in damage being
done to a student's vehicle.




0515 06-01917 Vandalism Village Report

     Officers located a large concrete trash can turned over in front of
the 500 & 600 building at the Village. No damage was noted.


2150 06-01929 Stuck Elevator Harrill Report

     Officers helped two students exit from a stuck elevator at Harrill
Hall. The elevator was disabled and Facilities Management notified.


2243 06-01930 Suspicious Odor UC Report

     Officers investigated a suspicious odor near a storage room at the
UC. The odor cease when a "grill type" portable propane bottle was
removed from the area.



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