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Please note the date's change on the first two items.



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Subject: University Police Reports 3/2/06



1200 06-01696 Larceny Albright Report

     A student reports items he's now found missing from his room that
possibly happened during a fire alarm at Albright Hall on the 24th.



1330 06-01690 Larceny Helder Hall Report

     Housekeepers advised an unnamed female student borrowed the 3rd
floor vacuum cleaner on the 28th at Helder Hall and has failed to return



1055 06-01691 Harassment FPA/Kimmel School Report

     Officers received a report that visiting workers who were doing
groundwork outside the buildings were harassing the students. Officers
spoke with a supervisor who stated he had not seen this happen but would
monitor the crew.


1725 06-01697 Accident Softball Stadium Report

     Officers advise two softball players collided during a game at the
Softball Stadium and EMS was summonsed. One student was transported by
ambulance to the hospital for an ankle injury.


1800 06-01692 Disturbance/Domestic Norton Arrest

     Officers responded to a Domestic Disturbance where a male was
beating on a room door in Norton Hall. A non-student male was arrested
regarding an assault warrant that was issued by another county.


2205 06-01706 Fire Trouble Albright/Benton Report

     Officers responded to a report of fire trouble at Albright Benton
Hall. The panel would not reset and Facilities Management was notified.


2245 06-01707 Traffic Violation Centennial Citation

     Officers issued a student a citation for speeding 39 in a 20 speed
zone on Centennial Drive.


Officer Tammy Ammons-Hagberg

Crime Prevention Coordinator

WCUPD 828-227-7301


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