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Date: 02/24/06
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0459 06-1544 Assault on LEO Albright Hall Arrest

     A student was arrested for Resist / Obstruct & Delay; Assault on a
Law Enforcement Officer and Failure to give Information. The
confrontation happened following a fire alarm as Residential Living
staff was trying to obtain the names of the students who refused to
leave the building after the alarm had sounded in Albright Hall.


1645 06-01555 Prank Phone Calls HFR Referral

     A student received a UJC referral for making prank phone calls
after he called an office in the HFR building several times.


2000 06-01558 Outreach Presentation Reynolds Program

     Officers' conducted an outreach presentation to students regarding
the effects of alcohol on the body.


2058 06-01560 Stuck Elevator Harrill Report

     Officers and Facilities Management helped a student exit from a
stuck elevator at Harrill Hall.



0302 06-01565 Simple Assault Harrill Report

     Officers responded to a report of simple assault at Harrill Hall.
Upon arrival no signs of physical injury were visible to the officer and
the victim refused to cooperate.



Officer Tammy Ammons-Hagberg

Crime Prevention Coordinator

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