University Police Reports 2/21/06

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Date: 02/21/06
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1800 06-01480 Vandalism Fieldhouse Lot Report

     Officers investigated damage to a vehicle that occurred on the 15th
while the vehicle was in the Fieldhouse lot.






1000 06-01483 Vandalism to vehicle Campus Report

     A student found where the back seat of their vehicle has been cut
after allowing their vehicle to be used as a DD vehicle last Friday






0230 06-01498 Sexual Assault Harrill Hall Report

     Officers are investigating a report of an acquaintance sexual
assault at Harrill Hall.


0855 06-01481 Traffic Accident Forrest Hill Rd Report

     Officers investigated a traffic accident that occurred when a
vehicle stopped at a crosswalk to allow a pedestrian to cross and was
hit from behind by a second vehicle.


1010 06-01495 Traffic Violation Village Citation

     A student received a citation for a Handicapped parking violation.


1200 06-01488 Traffic Accident Leatherwood Lot Report

     Officers investigated a hit & run to a student's parked vehicle at


1615 06-01489 Larceny from vehicle Track Lot Report

     A student found their vehicle had been entered and $5.00 of change
taken. No damages were found.


2252 06-01496 Missing cell phone Dodson Report

     Officers received a report of a student leaving their cell phone in
Dodson and finding it gone when they returned. They called their phone
number and someone answered the phone.






0000 06-01497 Drug Violations Harrill Hall Referral

     Two students receive UJC referrals for Drug Violations in Harrill



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Crime Prevention Coordinator

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