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Date: 02/20/06
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0240 06-01416 Traffic Accident Buchanan Report

     Officers investigated a hit & run involving damage to a student's
vehicle while it was parked at Buchanan Hall.


1511 06-01417 Traffic Violation University Way Citation

     A student received a citation for speeding on University Way.


1818 06-01420 Recovered Property Campus Report

     Officers recovered stolen items taken during a B&E in Swain County.
The property has been returned to a Detective from Swain County.


2315 06-01425 Fire Alarm Leatherwood Report

     Officers responded to a Fire "Trouble" at Leatherwood. No problem
located and the alarm reset.







0014 06-01427 Larceny UC Report

     A student accidentally left her wallet in the UC but it was missing
when she returned to retrieve it.


0206 06-01430 Assault Off Campus Report

     Several students were involved in a fight behind the Presbyterian
Church. One student went to Harris Regional with a possible broken
hand. All students refused to press charges. Jackson County Sheriffs
Department will be responsible for investigation.


0835 06-01437 Fire Alarm Breese Report

     Officers responded to a fire alarm at Breese Gym. Officers found
the power was off in the building and Facilities Management was


2332 06-01449 Alcohol Violation Village Referrals

     Two students received UJC referrals for underage alcohol
consumption at the Village.


2342 06-01450 Cyberstalking Benton Arrest/Referral

     A student was arrested and received a UJC referral for
cyberstalking involving communicating threats by electronic mail
regarding another student.


2358 06-01448 Traffic Violation Citation

     A student received a citation for fail to stop at the stop sign
located at the Norton Road / Memorial Drive intersection.







0106 06-1452 Assist LEO Campus Apartments Report

     Officers assisted Jackson County Sheriffs Department regarding a
noise complaint at Campus Apartments.


0123 06-1453 Assist LEO Summit Report

     Officers assisted Jackson County Sheriffs Department regarding a
loud party at the Summit.


0352 06-01456 Fire Alarm Walker Referred

     Officers responded to a fire alarm activation at Walker Hall.
Officers located on the 9th floor where a chemical fire extinguisher was
discharged under a door. The fire department had to respond to provide
a fan for ventilation and the housekeepers had to respond regarding
clean-up. A student admitted to the damage and was referred to UJC to
pay for damages.


0353 06-01457 Vandalism Scott Hall Referred

     A student received a UJC referral after admitting to vandalizing an
exit sign and tipping over a Coke machine located in Scott Hall. This
student is the same student indicated in the above 06-01456 incident.


1247 06-01461 Traffic Accident Norton Hall Report

     Officers investigated a traffic accident involving backing.




Officer Tammy Ammons-Hagberg

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