University Police Reports 2/16/06

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Date: 02/16/06
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2030 06-01236 Traffic Accident Memorial Drive Report

     Days after the incident occurred officers received a report of a
traffic accident involving backing.






0830 06-01385 Larceny of Banner HFR Report

     A banner was stolen from the banner pole display in front of HFR.
The word "Tempest" is written on the banner.






0400 06-01386 Traffic Violation Centennial Drive

     A student received a citation for driving while license revoked.



1309 06-01384 Sexual Assault Off Campus Report

     Officers received a report that a student had been assaulted off
campus by a non-student. The case was referred to the Jackson County
Sheriffs Department for investigation



1630 06-01387 Larceny of mail UC/Off Campus Report

     Inside their student mail box at the UC a student received an empty
envelope. Missing from inside the envelope was a card and money.



1700 06-01388 Civil Matter Off Campus Report

     Officers assisted a former student with information on how to file
a civil matter regarding personal property.



2340 06-01392 Vandalism Albright Hall Report

     Officers responded to Albright Hall where someone had discharged a
fire extinguisher in the hallway on 1st floor.






1955 06-01389 Disturbance Scott Hall Referral

     Officers responded to a disturbance at Scott Hall and a student
received a UJC referral for underage alcohol possession and consumption.



2300 06-01391 Welfare Check Albright Report

     Officers assisted a father in attempting to locate his son. The
father later called to advise he had made contact with the student.




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