University Police Reports 2/15/05

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Date: 02/15/06
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0900 06-01295 Traffic Accident Wachovia Bank Report

     Officers investigated a minor two car accident at the back entrance
to Wachovia Bank.






1700 06-01298 Traffic Accident Walker Report

     Officers investigated at the Walker Loading zone area officers
investigated damage to a vehicle possibly resulting from a hit and run





1625 06-01362 Drug Violation Campus Report

     Resulting from an investigation one student was arrested for
misdemeanor possession of schedule two drugs and another student for a
misdemeanor aid and abet drug violations.



1845 06-01378 Vandalism Campus Report

     Officers found where a patrol vehicle has damage where part of a
decal is missing.






0030 06-01375 Alcohol Violation Leatherwood Referrals

     While responding to a noise complaint call at Leatherwood Hall
officers issued a UJC referral to one student for underage consumption
of alcohol and a UJC referral to another student for underage possession
of alcohol.



0317 06-01380 Vandalism Leatherwood Report

     A white male was seen damaging a door handle at Leatherwood Hall.
Investigation continues.



Officer Tammy Ammons-Hagberg

Crime Prevention Coordinator

WCUPD 828-227-7301


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