University Police Reports 2/3 - 2/6

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Date: 02/06/06
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0810 06-01039 Lost/stolen Fieldhouse Report

     A student's wallet is reported missing while he was working-out at
the Fieldhouse.







1146 06-01063 Lost/stolen UC Report

     A student reported Friday that their cell phone was lost or stolen
on 1/10/06 while in the area of the UC.



1522 06-01071 Fire Alarm Reynolds Report

     Officers responded to a General Fire Alarm at Reynolds Hall. No
problem found.



1530 06-01074 Larceny Reid Report

     A student reports her purse stolen from the Fitness Center while
she was playing basketball.



1639 06-01073 Traffic Violation Centennial Drive

     A student received a citation for failing to have active insurance
on their vehicle.



2200 06-01080 Traffic Violation Blackhawk Road Citation

     A non-student received a citation for Driving while License revoked
and fail to have active insurance on the vehicle.



2349 06-01084 Drug Violation Benton Hall Referral

     Two student received UJC referrals for possession of marijuana.



1102 06-01062 Lost/stolen Killian Report

     A student reports her wallet missing from her purse while she was
in the vicinity of Killian.







0429 06-01086 Drug Violation Leatherwood Referral

     One student received a UJC referral for possession of marijuana.



0945 06-01097 Vandalism Harrill Hall Report

     Officers are investigating Vandalism where something struck and
broke the glass in the front door of Harrill Hall.



1224 06-01104 Fire Trouble Leatherwood Report

     Officers responded to a Fire Trouble at Leatherwood; Facilities
Management was advised.



1228 06-01103 Traffic Violation Central Hall Citation

     A student received a citation for illegally parking in a
handicapped space.



1233 06-01105 Elevator Alarm Norton Report

     Officers responded to an Elevator alarm at Norton Hall; no problem
was found.



1235 06-01106 Fire Alarm Village Report

     Officers responded to a Supervisor Signal alarm at the village.
Officers checked all buildings but no problem was located.



1310 06-01107 Fire Alarm Village Report

     Officers responded to another fire panel signal (supervisory) at
the Village. No alarm was sounding and no problems were found.



1530 06-01113 Vandalism to Vehicle Buchanan Report

     A student reported her vehicle vandalized by the paint being keyed
/ carved.



2215 06-01118 Traffic Accident Campus Report

     Officers investigated a minor traffic accident involving backing.







0059 06-01122 Drug Violation Norton Hall Referral

     Four students received UJC referrals for possession of marijuana.



0156 06-01123 Disturbance/Assault Harrill Report

     Officers responded to an assault report but found two female
students had been involved in a verbal dispute that had ending with one
being pushed by the other. Prosecution denied by victim; documented.



0807 06-01127 Vandalism Scott Report

     Officers located where the large Trash Cans have been turned over
in front of Scott.



1016 06-01128 Fire Alarm Center Applied Tech. Report

     Officers responded to an alarm from the Labor Development Building
(Center for Applied Tech.); no problem was located.



1602 06-01136 Speeding Central Citation

     A student received a speeding citation for 40 in a 20 mph zone.



1900 06-01141 Fire Trouble Buchanan Report

     Officers responded to a Fire Trouble report at Buchanan. Trouble
phone fault alarm was indicated but no problem found.



2232 06-01144 Assist LEA Forrest Hills Report

     Officers assisted the NC Highway Patrol and a Jackson County
Sheriffs Deputy by transporting a female to the Detention Center using a
WCU police vehicle.



2325 06-01146 Alcohol Violation Walker Arrest

     One student was arrested in Walker Hall for underage consumption of



2230 06-01154 Parking Violation Central Hall Citation

     One student received a citation for a handicapped parked violation.







0050 09-01150 Alcohol Violation Norton Referral

     On student received a UJC referral for underage possession of




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